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Issues Regarding Muslim Inmates

Shaykh Muhammad Shareef leading the inmate Muslims in prayer at CMF prisonThe year 2001 witnessed the turning point of the United States treatment of its inmate populations.What this means is that illegal and unconstitutional practices such as torture, sensory deprivation, etc, which had long been the norm in Federal, state and now privatized institutions, were now being exported abroad internationally in violation of international standards. I believe that the one weapon which the Muslim inmate population has is the right to litigate and bring forward class action lawsuits designed to bring the penal system in the United States into conformity with internationally accepted standards on the treatment of inmates.

It is important that the Muslim inmate population have a fundamental understanding of Islamic jurisprudence, beliefs and customs, along with a basic grasp of the diverse schools of thought in Islam. If this is not possible, then they should have access to those clerics who do possess this knowledge. In many cases court litigation fails, simply because the Muslim plaintiffs lack grounding in the basics of Islam. I would add to this, that Muslims should begin to learn, and understand international standards regarding the just and humane treatment of inmates.

These resolutions have been systematically annotated and codified in the United Nations. Because the United States is a signature to these agreements and resolutions, they constitute a part of constitutional law. Thus, by the United States penal system violating such internationally accepted standards, it also violates its own constitutional standards; and this is the chink in the armor of the system which the Muslim plaintiff must go after with high resolutions and the help of Allah ta`ala.

I believe that the key is not to merely bring a successful lawsuit into the courts, but to repeatedly demonstrate that the US federal, state and private penal system is an aberration of international standards and is in violation of its own constitutional standards. The reality is that presently throughout the world there are secret prisons where Muslims are routinely tortured and killed. The United States has long held Muslim political prisoners within its federal, state and now privatized penal colonies. It is by waging a litigation jihaad in the US penal system that some redress can be made in the international community, as well.

It is for this reason that Muslim inmate legal actions in the US courts constitute the front line of defense of Islam. Every successful Muslim litigation passed in the US courts, is a standardization and recognition of the Islamic shari`a; it is a strengthening of international standards on the humane and just treatment of inmates and detainees worldwide; but more importantly it is a perfecting and refining of the United States constitution. I believe that such legal actions could lead to the establishment of an internationally recognized SOCIAL CONTRACT between the United States and its Muslim national minorities which is consistent with the shari`a, but does not challenge the sovereignty of the United States.

 The United States is a normative state whose values and practices are repeated and mimicked throughout the world; any and all legal actions by individual Muslim inmates or class action litigation would: [1] constitute a form of jihaad which is the best action that a Muslim can get involved in; [2] it makes the Muslim inmate who has lost his ‘citizenship’ (so to speak) because of his incarceration; become and active citizen of the world community; and [3] due to the refining of the US constitutional standards as a result of his/her legal actions, he/she is in effect  a PATRIOT in the true sense of the word.

Success is with Allah.


 Shaykh Abu Alfa Umar Muhammad Shareef bin Farid

Founding Director: Sankore` Institute of Islamic-African Studies International

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  1. As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. E’id Mubarak to the Jama’at. Beloved brothers fi sijeen. There were many trials in this sacred month .Through it all I pray that we learned
    from those trials that which is beneficial to our souls. I also pray that Allahu ta’ala forgive the believing men and women of this Jama’at for our errors and offences against Him and grant us
    Tawfiq in being obedient to Him inwardly and outwardly openly and secretly by the rank of His
    Beloved Muhammad the Prophet of Mercy may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Ya Arhamur

  2. As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah. Ramadan Mubarak to all the ikhwan of the Jama’at. My brothers fi sijeen.My du’a is that as we strive to correct ourselves inwardly and outwardly this Ramadan that Allahu ta’ala blesses us with release from my these pits of oppression and make
    us into a sign of victory for His deen “although the mushrikun hate it”.!

    • I agree 100%. If you want to see corporeal miracles, you have to perform miracles in your selves. Once you break the bad and blameworthy habits of your soul, Allah ta`ala will break the normative habitual laws of creation for you. In the beginning of Surat’l-Qassas Allah ta`a;a has already promised those who are oppressed in the lands of this modern pharoanic systerm that He would establish them in the earth and He would use them to show pharoah, hamaan (societies social engineeers) and the collaborators among the oppresed what they feared most. You have to do your part by establishing yourselves firmly on the Path of Uprightness. This is your covenant with Allah. If you hold to your covenants Allah will uphold His Covenants and subject to you everything that is in the heavens and the earth. Allah ta`ala does bot break His Promise.

  3. As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Dear ikhwan fee sijjin. Recently the Shaykh has revealed to me that reading the quran in a weeks time for six months straight and dua at the sealing of that nusuk with your family and continue with the reading for another year will yeild countless benefits, one of which is hufuz and another of which is an enlightenment that shines so bright the concrete and steal can not hold us. I have along with some close ashaab , taken on this mountainous task and we have passed it on to those who seek. We suggest that this task be captured by all those incarcerated in the bowels of this demon. The dunya is a prison anyway so let us not pray for a freedom only to be imprisoned. Let us put in the righteous work for a freedom that can never be taken away. RAMADAN MUBARAK inspired by the article Secrets of Fasting Ramadhan. Ameen and Success is from Allah

    • In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful, may Allah send blessings upon our master Muhammad and grant him abundant peace.

      The following are excerpts from the renown Itqaan of Imam Abd’r-Rahman as-Suyuti, a work which was widely studied throughout the Bilad ‘s-Sudan for which I have sanad through Shaykh Uthman ibn Fuduye to Shaykh Murtada az-Zabidi back to Imam as-Suyuti.
      “An-Nawwawi said: ‘The preferable times and the most superior for reciting the Qur’an is in the prescribed prayers; then during the night; then during the last half of the night which is between maghrib and `isha’. The best times during the day is after the subh prayer.”
      “What is preferable of the days for reciting the Qur’an are: the Day of `Arafat; then juma`a; then Monday and Thursday; during the last ten days of Ramadan; the first of Dhu’l-Hijja; and during the whole of the month of Ramadan.”

      If you are sealing the Qur’an every seven days. It is preferable to begin on Thursday night (laylat’l-juma`a) and then seal it on Thursday night (laylat’l-juma`a), It has been related by Ibn Abi Dawud that `Uthman ibn `Afan used to do that.

      The best time for the sealing of the Qur’an is during the first of the day or the first of the night as it was related by ad-Daarimi with a good chain of authority (bi sanad hassan) on the authority of Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas who said: “When the sealing of the Qur’an coincides with the first part of night then the Angels send blessings upon that person until the morning. When the sealing of the Qur’an coincides with the last part of the night then the Angels send blessings upon that person until the following evening.”

      It is said in the al-Ihya: “The sealing of the Qur’an during the first part of the day should be during the two rak`ats of fajr before the subh prayer. The sealing of the Qur’an during the first part of the night should be during the two sunna rak`ats after maghrib prayer. ”
      It has been related on the authority of Ibn al-Mubarak: “It is highly recommended (mustahab) the sealing of the Qur’an during winter should be done during the first part of the night; and in the summer during the first part of the day.”

      It is also a Sunna that when you reach surat ad-Duhaa to say: “Laa ilaha illa Allah wa Allahu Akbar” at the completion of each surat until the end of the Qur’an. It has been related on the authority of Musa ibn Harun who said: “al-Baziy said to me: ‘Muhammad ibn Idris as-Shafi` said to me: ‘If you abandon the glorification of Allah at the end of the last of Qur’an, then you have abandoned a Sunna from the Sunnan of your Prophet’.”

      It is also Sunna when you seal the Qur’an with surat’n-Naas to immediately recite surat’l-Faatiha and the beginning of surat’l-Baqqara until verse four where Allah says: “ulaa’ika humu’l-muflihuun.” It has been related by at-Tabarani in his al-Kabeer, and ad-Daani with a good shain of authority (sanad hassan) on the authority of Ibn Abbas on the authority of Ubayy ibn Ka`b that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace when he would seal the Qur’an and recite: “Qul a`udhu bi rabb’n-naas” etc; he then recommence by reciting al-Hamd and then recite from al-Baqqara until His words: ““ulaa’ika humu’l-muflihuun”; and then make supplication with the sealing of the Qur’an and then depart.”
      The Sunna is to fast on the day of the sealing of the Qur’an as it was related by Ibn Abi Dawud on the authority of a large group of the Taabi`uun and that you should gather together your family and friends It has been related by at-Tabarani on the authority of Anas that whenever he would seal the Qur’an he would gather together his family and supplicate.

      It has been related by Ibn Abi Dawud on the authority of al-Hakam ibn `Utayba who said: “Once Mujahid and `Ubada ibn Abi Amama sent for me saying: ‘We are sending for you because we desire to seal the Qur’an, and supplications are answered at the sealing of the Qur’an’.” It has also been related on the authority of Mujahid who said: ‘They (the salaf) would gather together during the sealing of the Qur’an’.” He also said: “With the sealing of the Qur’an the mercy of Allah descends.”

      It is also a Sunna to make supplication at the end of every sealing of the Qur’an. There have been narrated many different supplications by the early community, as well as the scholars and righteous of the latter communities of supplications which they recommended at the sealing of the Qur’an. Among them is what was narrated by the leader of the Tabi`un, Imam Abu Muhammad al-Baqir, Ali Zayn al-Abidin ibn al-Husayn ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib in his Saheefa as-Saajidiyya. There is du`a ‘l-khitim al-Qur’an of Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani. There is the al-Munaajat of Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye`. There is also the Tayseer al-Ma`suur of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba ibn Muhammad al-Bakai’ and many others.
      It has been related by at-Tabarani and other on the authority of al-`Irbaad ibn Sariya going back to the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace who said: “Whoever seals the Qur’an has a supplication who answer is guaranteed (da`awat mustajaaba).” Anas related a similar prophetic tradition: “With each sealing of the Qur’an is a supplication who answer is guaranteed (da`awat mustajaaba).” Abu Hurayra related something similar: “Who recites the whole Qur’an, then praises Allah, send blessings upon the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and seeks forgiveness of his Lord, has in fact sought the very place of all good.”

      Because you all have made the intention to seal the Qur’an with the intention of being freed from incarceration, it is important for you to recite after the sealing of the Qur’an the wird for being freed from prison. It was in 1999 while in Leister, UK that my Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi al-Hassani transmitted to me for the benefit of those brothers imprisoned, that whoever recites 1666 times the name of Allah Yaa Lateefu (making sure to articulate the vocative particle – ‘yaa’), will be eventually freed from incarceration, by the permission of Allah ta`ala. However during that time I failed to write it down and eventually forgot this important wird. It was not until very recently that my wife, Jaji Dylia Ahmadi Camara, the leader of the Yan Taru in the west and one of the muqaddim of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi reminded me of the Name and its number, that I am able to transmit this to you.

      The impact of the Divine Name – al-Lateef on freeing those who are incarcerated was also verified by many other Muslims sages. Among them the gnostic sage Shaykh Muhammad Tukur ibn Muhammad al-Fulaati who said in his Qiraa’l-Ahibba: “Whoever has gnosis that He is al-Lateef (the Subtlely Kind). That is to say, He is hidden from comprehension; immense and capable over every matter decreed; then this becomes firmly affixed in his heart. He also becomes aware of the meanings of the cosmos in its most hidden aspect. He also becomes cautious of Him seeing him in what conditions he is in. His knowledge of Him also becomes verified and corroborated by his spiritual states. This means that he has absolute certainty that the bounties of wealth, of procuring and defending returns to Him alone. Thus, he does not rely in his spiritual states or circumstances except upon Him the al-Lateef (the Subtlely Kind). A person draws near to Allah by means of this Divine Name with respect to correspondence by examining His subtle kindness (lutf) and acting in accordance with it in everything; also by bringing to mind His subtle kindness (lutf) during every momentous occurrence. The special qualities of this Divine Name al-Lateef (the Subtlely Kind) is that it wards off all kinds of inward and outward pain.”

      The gnostic sage Abul-Abbas Ahmad ibn `Ali al-Buni said in his renown Shams’l-Ma`arif: “This Divine Name al-Lateef (the Subtlely Kind) is swift in answering in order to dispel anxieties during times of sever hardships. It is also the most advantageous dhikr for the one imprisoned and detained. It is also advantageous for the one who is severely sick and for the one who is repressed under a repressive government authority or one repressed by his own corrupt nature. Whoever recites this Divine Name often will be freed
      from all of the above.”

      It has been related that more than seventy thousand Angles descend with the sealing of the Qur’an, so please do not forget to mention me in your sincere supplications that Allah ta`ala will continue to protect me from our known enemies and that He free me and release me from the prison of my corrupt soul and from the prison of everything other than His Face.

      Shaykh Muhammad Shareef bin Farid
      Thursday 3rd Ramadan, 1437 (June 9, 2016)
      Zawiyya Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye`
      Yirimadio, Bamako, Republic of Mali

  4. Incarcerated Muslims who wish to receive free Islamic psycho-education materials while incarcerated may contact, Crisis Recovery Network, 21 Sherman Rd, NY 12446. Free Qurans are sometimes available as well.

  5. It was in 1999 when I recieved communication from our brothers inside who had successfully petitioned the courts in a 6 point class action litigation against the CDC (California Department of Correction). The communication reached me via Imam Muhammad Abdullah of L.A.. In the letter the Muslim inmates warned me that during the deposition, the judged asked the warden, Dr. Newman what prevented the CDC from providing the Muslims with what they requested, when non of their demands violated or threatened the security of the prison. Dr. Newman said that he believed the entire litigation as instigated by a militant, radical Muslim cleric who was the Muslim chaplian at that time, named Muhammad Shareef. The inmates warned me that if any violent altercation was to occur as a result of the litigation between the Muslims and the CDC staff, that I would be blamed for it (in the same way that the US was able to successfully charge the blind Sheikh Abdur Rahman of inciting violence in the first Twin Towers ‘attack’). The inmates informed me that I had a choice to either sue Dr. Newman and the CDC for libel of character or get the hell out of the country because I was being setup. Like most Americans at that time, I had a natural fear of the power of the US government, and decided to leave the country. During my haitus in Canada, the UK, Sudan, South Africa, and Nigeria, I learned that there was nothing to fear from the US government because I was not guilty of any crime. In fact, it was the FBI, the CDC, Dr, Newman and others who were guilty of crimes. That is when I decided to fight back.
    In martial arts the most humiliating thing for a warrior on the battlefield is to be killed or wounded by his own weapon. If the enemy can take an opponents weapon and use it against them, it is a clear demonstration of the martial skills of that enemy and the lack of skills of the opponent. After in depth consultation with Dr. Y.N. Kly of IHRAAM (the International Human Rights Association of American Minorities), as well as, Attor. Charles Haroun Freeman, I returned to the US in 2000 and positioned myself a close to the US constitution as humanly possible, so that when my enemies attacked they would end up striking at the very base of their own constitutional principles. This strategy served two functions: [1] it demonstrated that historically the enemies of our people in the US never believed in, or abided by the US constitution; and that the constitution was developed to always check and control those who challenged the status quo; and it was not applicable to those the status quo defined as ‘other’; [2] in their bloodlust (as the past 4 centuries clearly prove), they would blindly strike down and tear away the very foundations which they have always lorded over the world as their crowning achievement and which gave them their ‘exceptionalism’. As a result they would bring about their own undoing by violating the very principles that they have ‘worshipped’ since 1776.
    After September 11, 2001, the FBI, then had a license under Homeland Security to do to me what they had been doing illegally since 1999. In 2002 we took our case to the United Nations, demanding recognition for our indigenous American Muslim confederation, recognition for our right to be different and to move towards internal self determination. We utilized the international legal conduits to challenge the US; the same weapon the US utilizes just before it violates the soveriegnty of countless of Muslim nations around the globe. The response was more repression from the US government; not for commiting a crime, but for using the law, the courts, the US legal system against them.
    If the SIIASI had commited a crime or was involved in any genuine illegal activity the government would have cracked down on us immediately. There was no smoking gun. Although the FBI attempted on three occassions to infiltrate us with agent provocateurs in order to create a reason for their repression. With the help of Allah, on all three occassions their ‘sting operations’ failed. The reason they failed because they ressurrected the same tactics which they used in the outlawed and illegal CoIntelPro operations of the mid 60s. They basically broadcasted their punches and we knew ahead of time exactly what they were up to.
    Of course as the repression, surveillance, harassment increased; the FBI telegraphed its punches and exhibited a clear pattern that even a child could foresee what was coming. I removed myself unoffically from authority of the jama`at and made hijra in 2005. That same year I officially removed myself from leadership and watched from the safety of the People’s Republic of China what the government would do against our jama`at. And like Pavlo’s dog, the government activated their agents within and without our jama`at which eventually led to the 2007 FBI raid of our masjid and institution. To their own admitted frustration nothing was discovered or uncovered from their raid, even though they entered our masjid and institution with bomb stiffing dogs and robots! To this day the FBI has no explanation of the raid and to this day they have no ‘actionable intelligence’ to justify it. The only success they had was to re-ignite the old plantation fears that some of our people have of the slave master when he goes on his night raids; which resulted in many leaving the jama`at and scattering.
    For me though, it was a ‘teachable moment’. Again the FBI revealed their hand and demonstrated with utmost clarity what their real objectives and intentions were from 1997 until then. More importantly it showed me that the best weapon that any activists can use is the LAW. By utilizing the law, you are able to show the ilegality of the US government’s position and you able to demonstrate through the knowledge of tasting and experience that the US government has never genuinely abided by its own laws and that when it comes to thjose they ahve always defined as ‘the other’, the laws does not apply.
    Since that time, the traditional allies of the US government (the far right extremists, conservatives and zionists) teamed up in order to create a false narrative where there was none. First a group out of Tel Aviv (PRISM) first floated lies about possible terrorist ties of the SIIASI. This lie was then taken up by Joe Kaufman and Beila Rabinowitz of Front Page Magazine. From them this lie spread to Daniel Pipes (who has since distanced himself from that narrative. I will explain why.) From them it went to Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project and then it fell into the sewage of Pamela Geller; and from their the false narrative spread and more lies were added as it slipped lower into the internet blog world.
    I sat back and waited until our government, the good old US of A would pass a law which would enable someone like me to take all these individuals to court and break them financially. Now with victims of the 9-11 attack and the relatives of the marine barracks bombing in Beirut seriously considering sueing the Saudi government and the Iranian government; it is high time for individuals like me who have been the victims of libel and false accusations to carefully, thoughtfully and strategically to use the law and courts in order to strip organizations such as:
    …of every dime they own. What is amazing is that their are ennumerous hungry and sharp lawyers in the US with precious metals and minerals in their names such as ‘gold’, ‘pearl’, ‘silver’, and ‘diamond’ who are more than willing to assist people like me in precedent creating litigations against these modern day McCarthy-ites who literally create a climate for people like me to be targeted, harrassed, maligned or worse!
    The recent bills being passed in several states which will allow US citizens to sue governments who had ties with terrorism; also have a caveat and proviso for libel; ergo we see those elements who have closer ties with the FBI strategically distancing themselves from being a part of the false narrative concocted about the SIIASI. Daniel Pipes has been changing his tune; not because he has discovered the truth and wants to distance himself from lies and being charged with libel. But because the FBI informed him of our profile and how we normally attack. In the 1976 Senate Hearings on CoIntelPro. the FBI admitted that they would initiate litigations against Black organizations in order to tie them up in court and in order to deplete their financial resources.

    The Quran tells us in its infallible verses: “Fight them with what they fight you.”

    Today Muslim sisters all over the US are using the courts and the law to defend their right to dress and act as a Muslim without being victimized by the same elements which victimized African Americans during the Jim Crow era. This is the good fight!; and we should be as skilled in it as a SAMURAI!

    • Excuse me shaykh, it was a letter to Imam You’re. I apologize if I inconvenienced you at all because of my Post.

  6. Jihad Abdulmumit Chairperson for JERICHO, a vanguard organization that supports domestic political prisoners/POWs and calls for their freedom/amnesty from prison. A member of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Movement, Jihad has been in the forefront of our peoples struggle for self-determination. In the mid-seventies, Jihad was also the Coordinator of the Rochester Federation of Youth in Rochester, New York – a youth organization that sponsored community economic development projects and weekly political education and black history classes, and worked with juvenile delinquents and high school drop outs.
    With the US government’s illegal CoINTELPRO crackdown on the BLM in seventies, Jihad Abdulmumit was arrested and held for 23 years as a domestic political prisoner and prisoner of war Most of his time was served in Lewisburg and Leavenworth Federal penitentiaries. Since his release, Jihad, has written, directed and produced dozens of children and adult plays for spiritual, social, and political awareness, motivation and upliftment. He has also been involved in nationwide efforts to prevent street gang violence and to redirect young men and women towards the struggle for the rights of self-determination. Jihad is actively involved in the struggle to free the many political prisoners that are being held illegally in the penal colonies of the US. Below are He presently lives in Richmond, Va. with his wife and three children; and is one of the key advisers to many Muslim jama`ats, including the Jama`at of Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye`.
    Below are several interviews with Sidi Jihad Abdulmumit highlighting the conditions of African America and Hispanic political prisoners on the US and his views on what must be done to free them and free the land.

    Facing Reality: Political Prisoners and Propaganda Wars

    If Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman Were Heroic So Are Political Prisoners

    Health Crises Among the (Politically) Imprisoned

    The Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War Report with Jihad Abdulmumit

  7. Finally, one of the last of the Angola 3, Albert Woodfox was released from prison after being kept in solitary confinement in a cell nine-by-six foot cell for 43 years. Angola prison is one of the most notorious penal colonies in the United States, famous for its torture and ill treatment of mainly African American inmates. We welcome comrade Woodfox back to the real world and pray that Allah ta`ala make him a means by which the arbitrary and unjust treatment of inmates in the US can stop

  8. My brother is incarcerated and he asked me to obtain an address on where he can write to request for information and literature from Shaykh Abu Alfa Umar Muhammad Shareef bin Farid? please email me at Thank you.

  9. As salaamu alikum, the blessed mouth of Ramadan is approaching and I have a question regarding the time when those behind the wall come together to break their fast. It is customary for brothers to pray Maghrib and break their fast together throughout Ramadan. This time which is usually spent in the gym of some other building is also utilized to study. The question of whether our studying at this time is appropriate or not has arose and I would vary much appreciate your scholarly opinion on this matter.

    • wa alaykum as-salaam Sidi Muhammad al-Fodio, there’s nothing wrong with utilizing that time to study, I would just share with you what I have have been taught, which is Ramadan is a time to become more acquainted with the Book of Allah, so you all should make effort to read a juz everyday and maybe some tafsir with that, but take shura with the jamaa’at and see what the brothers want to do, the important thing is to adhere to the obligations, sunna, and meritorious acts of fasting. May Allah give you all success.

      On another note, we need all you brothers that have any further questions for myself or the Shaykh to send them to our p.o. box at the below address, jazakum Allah khayran.

      P.O. Box 338
      Compton, CA 90221

      Imam Toure’

      • As salaamu alaykum Imam Toure, a Muslim brother by the name of Ronald Hubbard aka Umar ibn Yahya who is incarcerated at soledad penal colony ask that I contact you on his behalf to enquire about if you’d received his letter from almost a month ago. So when time permits it for you can you please email me with the answer.

        • Wa alaykum as salaam, the name sounds familiar, I’m away from home where my paperwork is. I’ll be back in a couple of days and let you then. Send your brother my apologies and let him know I’ll get with him soon.


        • Please tell the brother Umar I did receive his letter and he can expect a response in the coming week.

          Imam Toure’

  10. Alhamdulillah! ! Thank you Shaykh Gidadu, that was quick. Insha’Allah, we had the forms sent in this morning, as soon as we receive them we will return them. Thank you.

  11. wa alaykum as salaam wa rahma

    The African American Muslim inmate is the one disciple that has a hand in his/her own spiritual development. No one else shares that cell with you except another inmate. No shaykh, or spiritual guide can provide you with the kind of discipline that you need to successfully navigate your time in prison where you eventually walk out free with your humanity in tack. I have always maintained that the kind of personal discipline that a Muslim inmate must have in an American penal colony is a third of the spiritual Path. The other two thirds are the improvement of character and erudition. As a Muslim chaplain, I used to visit the Muslims in the hole (administrative ‘segregation’) and usually let them borrow one of the treasures of self mastery from my library, such as the works of Ibn Arabi, the Shehu, Ibn Attar, al-Qunawi, and the amazing Ibn Ajiba, may Allah be merciful to all of them. I would also give them specific adhkaar from the Shehu and his disciples. I encouraged them to be diligent in their exercise and callistetics. Whenever these brothers would be allowed back in general population the impact was astoundingly proactive. It got to the point where the threat of being placed in the hole no longer had its sting. That is when the penal authorities got medieval and introduced the same kind of torturous treatments that was later outsourced to the Pentagon and used to create the neo=Manchurian Candidate called Daesh.

  12. In order to work with the dawa of the Shehu in the penal colonies; you will have to contact those brothers and sisters in our jama`at who are either working or volunteering in the prisons. They are Imam Muhammad Toure` and Sidi Hamza Perez; as well as many of the brothers who have actually been released from the penal colonies. They still work with those left behind and see to it that the works of the Shehu get to the brothers and sisters inside. We also have well organized jama`ats inside that govern themselves and dessiminate the minhaj of the Shehu behind the walls. All of them have been encouraged to utilize the weapon of litigations in every aspect of penal violation religious and/or ethnic rights.

    • As salaamu alikum, my name is Muhammad Khaliq, and I am a prisoner in California. A group of brothers including myself have been studying and spreading the minaj of the Shehu. Untill now we have been largely Woking alone. Can you put us in contact We someone in California.

  13. As Salaamu Alaykum Dear Shaykh, May Allah ta ala bless your efforts and maintain your health. I am interested in your programs and would like to offer any scholarly contribution that I might be capable of. I am from New York, and I see that you have listed a case that I initiated when I was incarcerated many years ago, see ALAMEEN v. COUGHLIN, NO. CV-94-0965 (CPS). 892 F.Supp. 440 (1995),
    It is a successful case based in the RFRA laws, it is also called the Dhikr case, since the court attempted to stop the therapeutic dhikr sessions at the prison. People were recovering from mental illness by the mercy of Allah. The numbers began to increase and soon the group grew from a few to 48 brothers, and eventually within a year the group grew to over 200. They confiscated the beads and sent me to another facility (maxi-max) to derail the therapeutic dhikr program, but the brothers continued. I sued in the courts and won. I see that you have cited my case in your archives. I filed and argued that case pro se. It became so large that constitutional lawyers were assigned to aid my litigation.I would offer that the case has been used by many religions, in and outside of prisons. I was made aware of your efforts by an alumnus, Hei Xuanfeng, and I am encouraged that I too may insha Allah may be able to help in some way to further the institutes efforts via scholarly activity. I would like to discuss how I might contribute. Of course I am a writer and I have interest in your texts and popularizing this information would be a blessing. Please contact me in these regards asap if Allah should guide you in this matter. Ameen

    • wa alaykum as salaam wa rahma
      I’ve read some of your research posted on regarding the treatment of certain mental disorders with a combination of Islamic and a particular clinical method. The fact that I was a Muslim chaplain in at least four state and federal penitentiaries in the US, I actually saw the clinical methods that you mentioned being fostered and introduced into the penal system by the psychiatric and medical communities. You should connect with JERICO link above. There are many old guard volunteers well connected with our political prisoners inside. What you are doing has to be increased because the denigration and denial of humanity to enslaved Africans in the US was designed to psychologically break them. It is behind the walls of the US penal colonies that these ideas have to take root. I’ve seen the miraculous work of humanity being restored and regained by courageously transformed ex offenders. Let’s face it, Malcolm X (al-Hajj Malik El Shabazz) was one of them!

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