The Sweet Meadows of Contemplation

2 3 dimensional designIn as much as devotion to historical narratives is the sweet meadows of our contemplation and attention; and the lure by which we attract the news of distant lands; news to which the hearts incline and which stamps the souls with every sort of positive impression;and in as much as historical documentation and authentication is the stronghold for its preparations and the fortress of its unusual events and deliberations –

I decided then to collect together here some of the historical narratives of these lands of the Blacks in general and the lands of Hausa in particular; including most of the accounts of their kings and rulers, as well as extracts of what has been narrated concerning their scholars. What I have recounted from this will no doubt bring delight to the ears as well as afford some pleasure to the natural temperament; at least to the extent which we have documented it.

Shaykh Dan Tafa

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