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tarikh motifThis page is dedicated to one of our Shuyyukh, the famous Imam, our master, the scholar, jurist, the knower of Allah, the khateeb, Aliyu Dinbu ibn Abu Bakr Malami, may Allah be pleased with him and give us contiouous benefit by means of his effort and station.

Our master Shaykh Abd’l-Qadir ibn Mustafa (Dan Tafa) said about him in his book Salwat ‘l-Ahzāni regarding his biography:
“Among them was the spiritual master Ali, who was known as Danbu. The Shehu used to describe him with profound spiritual unveilings. It was cited by many that he was born with a natural disposition for saintliness and spiritual unveiling. He used to reveal and mention miraculous things and matters of the unseen.” This was often related concerning him.

The Shehu narrated about him that he often encountered al-Khadr, upon him be peace, and would eat with him. There were many similar stories like this related about him. Some of the people of this matter related to me that he was even informed of his death before it occurred in a military engagement in which he achieved martyrdom.

They also said that he used to inform them about many matters of the unseen which he encountered and experienced. We actually witnessed the occurrence of some of these matters. Some of these miraculous actions were anticipated like those which his family expected and witnessed.”

SIIASI is honored to offer the writings of Shaykh Ali Dinbu to you and may Allah continue to gather for us the treasures of our illustrious past Ameen.

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