My Sanad for the Hadith of Mercy

The first prophetic tradition that a genuine scholar and student of the science of prophetic hadeeth receive, and transmit, is the immense transmission regarding Mercy. That fact it alone elucidates a kind of dislocation on the part of those schisms, and pundits today who claim to be from the people of the prophetic traditions and the sunna, and have never been instructed in this most profound spiritual Path. If they would only empty themselves of their nufuus and return back to this fundamental axiomatic scientific prophetic tradition; violence perpetrated by, among, and against Muslims will decrease by 2/3’s.

It is not surprising that the majority of the transmitters of this prophetic tradition on earth are among those who adhere to the sufi spiritual Path. I present my sanad as it goes through the asaneed of Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye`. I received this same prophetic tradition from at least three other scholars, but I was interested in presenting the seven chains of authority of the Shehu in this transcedent prophetic tradition.

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