Maryum Bint Shehu

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She was the spiritual master, Maryum, the daughter of the Light of the Age, the Reformer of the religion, the Imam of the Awliyya, the Amir’l-Mu’mineen, Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye` Muhammad ibn Uthman ibn Saalih ibn Harun ibn Muhammad Ghurtu ibn Muhammad Jubba ibn Muhammad Sanbu ibn Maasiraan ibn Ayyub ibn Buba Baba ibn Abi Bakr ibn Musa Jokolli ibn Imam Dambuba at-Turudi. Her mother was the spiritual master, the learned and ascetic Hawwa, the daughter of the learned Shaykh Adam ibn Shaykh Muhammad Agh. Maryum had two brothers and three sisters from her mother. Among them were: Amir’l-Mu’mineen Muhammad Bello; Amir’l-Mu’mineen Abu Bakr Atiku; Faatuma, the wife of the amir of the military, Ali Jedo; Hinna, the wife of the learned Amir and mujahid, Muhammad Namoda; and Sawda who died when she was still an infant.

The Treatise on the Exodus

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