Jawaab as-Shaykh al-Khadeem

A Piece of the Prose

5janna4In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful O troops who have made three in their error Of the One who has no offspring nor parent You have concluded about me saying that I am a slave of Allah and that I am one who makes jihad You suspect that we have guns and canons For all of that from you is just mere hatred and envy However, your words about me are true, for I am His slave. And I am the servant of the Slave of Allah the praised one. Your saying that I am a man of jihad is truthful For verily for the sake of Allah the majestic I am struggling For verily I struggle with sciences and with fearful awareness In this I am a slave and servant, the Guardian is my witness I am indeed a slave and a servant of His to the Prophet He is my forunner and the witnessing intercessor Blessing be upon him along with his family and companions with the peace of the Sustainer the One God Blessings which contains peace be upon him, He has protected me from the warring of Iblis against us, he is a recalcitrant demon. He has established me, glory be to Him with the Chosen one. Regarding what he brought and in this I am a firm witness. By him Allah has sufficed me against the people of the Book who are oppressive. For everything from them is done out of contention and pure envy. My sword which those who make three gods deceptively fabricate against me, Is His divine unity (tawheed) for He is Allah the Solitary. May they perish, those who make three in their error of the One who possesses no offspring nor parent. Curses to a people who make partners with Allah and whose penises are uncircumcised drowning in a sea of arrogance…

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