Globalization and the African Diaspora

Will Globalization Destroy Black America?

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image036The lack of response to globalization by Black America is frightening and troubling. While much of the world has adapted to the new-world economy and new-world standards of existence, most of Black America is still operating much the same way it did in the 1950s and 1960s. But now, throughout Black communities in America, there is a whisper campaign by Black people who don’t know each other and Black people who live in different parts of the country, saying to each other, “We are in trouble!” We know it and the rest of the world knows it! Black America, as we know it, is in danger of not surviving globalization.

In the 21st century, there are only two kinds of people. Not Black or White, or rich or poor, or foreign or national. The two kinds of people in the world today are those who are educated and those who are not. Although education has become the new currency of exchange in the 21st century, the old American educational paradigm stopped working decades ago for Black Americans. Simply sending Black children to American schools without a clear purpose or goal has contributed to the demise of the Black community. Black America watched formerly third-world countries catapult over America to become educational super powers while America rested on its old, stale educational laurels and fell way behind much of the world in educational performance. And because Black America unthinkingly depended on the American education system to educate its children, we have fallen way behind. Continue to read>

Phillip Jackson, Executive Director
The Black Star Project

The cover design is a study on the cultural unity of Islamic, Sino, African and Hebraic traditions; in the form of eight-trigram/five element hatumere. By Shaykh Muhammad Shareef

The cover design is a study on the cultural unity of Islamic, Sino, African and Hebraic traditions; in the form of eight-trigram/five
element hatumere.
By Shaykh Muhammad Shareef

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2 thoughts on “Globalization and the African Diaspora

  1. Assalaamu alaykum Shaykh

    I would like to first say that I am incredibly glad that I was able to stumble upon your website whilst looking into the history of West African Islam. I am fascinated by the erudite scholar and Amir al Mu’mineen Shehu Usman ibn fuduye and his scholarly family. As someone who is from the opposite side of Africa (the horn of Africa, the land of tbe Somalis) I find some parallels between the scholarly traditions of Bilad Al Sudan during the late 18th century and 19th century and the traditions found in the horn of Africa during that same period, led by the likes of Shaykh Abdulrahman ibn Ahmad Zaylici, Shaykh Uways al Baraawi and Shaykh Abdullah Qutbi among many others who sought to revive Islam amongst the rural communities.

    However, I must say I was disappointed when coming across your document “An Open Letter to China” when you praised the CCP and believed they should be an example all other nations should follow. I hope that because that was from 2010, your opinions on the PRC have drastically changed for they have been known to greatly oppress the Muslims of their domain, especially the Uighurs committing acts of genocide and forced assimilation. I understand that America is not a state to be followed, however that does not mean you should turn a blind eye to the suffering of Muslims and rally behind a superpower that you think will overcome American hegemony over the world. Your anti Americanism should not blind you, for no state or nation in this world is deserving of any muslim to rally behind. Rather you should rally to the way of the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) as the Shehu once did and do what is right with your own hands and say what’s right with your own tongue and do not rely on the actions of a government that believes in a system (communism) that is totally antithetical to Islam.

    All in all, this does not detract from the good work that you have done throughout the years translating the works of the Shehu, his family and many others and I hope, God Willing that you will carry on for the foreseeable future.

  2. I’m am looking for a hard copy of a book called the revival of the Sunna and the destruction of innovation
    Introduction and translation by Abu Alfa Umar Muhammad Shareef Farid

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