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The Light of Interpolation and the Meaning of Interpretation

An African Commentary of the Quran

usuuld-deen english motifThe Light of Interpolation and the Meaning of Interpretation Realize that the science of tafseer is the science by which comprehension of the Revealed Book of Allah ta`ala is obtained, clarification of its meanings and the drawing out of its legal decisions and wisdom.

The support for this science includes the sciences of grammar, linguistics, conjugation, etymology, rhetoric, metaphorical style, the foundations of the religion, jurisprudence, the foundation of jurisprudence, recitation, the causative factor of revelation and the science of the abrogated and abrogating verses.

Imam al-Baydawi said:

“The science of tafseer is the fountainhead of the religious sciences upon which are built the principles of the divine law. It is not mete to present it or undertake speaking about it except for one who has become proficient in all the sciences of the religion, its fundamental and branches. He must be transcendent in the crafts of Arabic language and the sciences of literature with all of its varieties.”

Imam Abu `Ubayd said:

“The science of tafseer (interpretation) and ta’weel (interpolation) has one meaning.”

Abu’l-Abass al-Azadi said:

“Study of the Qur’an is from two perspectives. The first is from the perspective of what has been transmitted (manquul), which is the sum total of the science of tafseer, the way of prophetic narration and transmission. The second is from the perspective what is logical and plausible (ma`quul), which is the sum total of interpolation (ta’weel),  the way of comprehension and reason.”

 Allah ta`ala says:

  “Truly We have made it and Arabic Qur’an so that you may reason”.

Thus, it is necessary to understand the Arabic language in comprehending the Arabic Qur’an. First the student must know a word from its commentary and inflection. Then he moves to understanding its outward and inward meanings. He thus gives each facet its due rights in meaning and significance.


Miftaah At-Tafseer

The key to Tafseer of Quran

17falak16smallAn explanation of the states of the Book, which is our reliance. In order to gather what was in an-Niqaaya from it along with al-Itqaan, which is the objective. I have named it Miftaah‘t-Tafseer and I ask Allah to make it easy.


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  1. As-Salaam ‘Alaikum Shaykh Muhammad,

    Is your book Miftaah ‘t-Tafseer available for serious students who have been on the path of learning the grammatical structure of the Qur’an? If so I would greatly appreciate the opportunity for your book or PDF.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    brother Michael

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