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image038Concerning the Issue of the Sibha

Many people have questioned us on the sibha. Some of them were from among the munkiruun (the rejecters) who have lost sight of the clear path and have made careersof searching for the faults of other Muslims; while others were sincere seekers desiring only to place their feet where the Salaf have placed theirs – without deviating from their clear path. The first group have become like those about whom Shehu Uthman Dan Fodio said in his Ihya as-Sunnah,

“Whoever follows after the faults of his brother, Allah
will follow after his faults, even if he is in the interior of his home.”

The second group have become like those about whom Shaykh al-Akbar spoke when he said in his Risaala;

Do not place your feet where you have not seen the footprints of your Prophet, may
Allah bless him and grant him peace. For you should only place your feet upon his
footprints if indeed you desire to be among the people of the highest spiritual ranks and to have perfect witnessing in the stations of intimacy with Allah.”

The one enduring question which both groups have asked concerning the sibha

“Does it have its foundation in the sunna?”

And to both we say, and success is with Allah, that the sunna is obligatory to follow and it is forbidden to neglect it. This is true in accordance with the Book of Allah, the sunna and the consensus of our sunni scholars. Allah says in His infallible Qur’an;

“Whatever the Messenger gives you take it. Whatever he forbids you, leave it.”

The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace said,

“Obligatory for you is my sunna and the sunna of the Caliphs after me. You
should hold to it stubbornly.”

Excerpt from Shaykh Muhammad’s article on the subject.

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