Sultan Muhammad Bello

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hatumere_wildHe was Amir al-Mu’mineen Abu Ali Muhammad ibn Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye’ Muhammad ibn Uthman ibn Saalih ibn Harun ibn Muhammad Ghurtu ibn Jubba ibn Muhammad Sanbu ibn Maasiraan ibn Ayyub ibn Buuba Baba ibn Abu Bakr ibn Musa Jakulli. His mother was Hawwa bint Adam ibn Muhammad Agh.

He was one of the leading supporters of his father Shehu Uthman and was appointed after him as the ruler of the Sokoto Caliphate. He was born in the town of Mornona in modern day Niger, on Wednesday, during the beginning of the month of Dhu’l-Qa`ada in the year 1195 hijra (1780) and died at the age of 58 on Thursday, the 27th of Rajab in the year 1253 hijra (1837) in his military fortress called Wurno.


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  1. Assalamu alaikum. Ina muku fatan alheri. Dan ALLAH kuyi mun bayanin yadda za’ayi applying din aikin Nan na da za’a dauka a kasar saudiya.

  2. Slm alkm warahmatullah.
    I am writing my phd thesis about Sultan Muhammad Bello.Can any one help me with a document that mention his collegues and students , I dont have enough document on such info. websites, or books etc…
    I humbly ask you to help

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  3. Salam Alikoum. Are you planning to translate the books on tassawuf and Asma Al Husna and their use by Shaykh Muhamad Bello?

  4. Hi!
    I am a student in Tunisia, I am about write my memoire and it is about the Sultan Muhammad Bello. To be fair I have no documents, anyways, not enough so, if it is possible, maximum of information, websites, books etc…
    I humbly ask you to help me as much as you can.
    Thank you in advence!.

    • the best biographical studies of Sultan Muhammad Bello’s life is Waziri Junayd ibn Muhammad al-Bukhari who wrote two prose works and at least one poetic work on the life of the Sultan. You can get these at the Waziri Junayd History Bureau or you can find printed copies of them in the market place of Sokoto published by Gaskiya Press. In English there is the phenomenal works of Ibrahim Sulaiman as well as the seminal work called the Sword of turth by Murray Last.

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