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SALAWAATThe Sankore’ Institute is honored to present to the reader a book which clarifies in the most concise and eloquent manner the reality (haqiqah) of the last and final Messenger to mankind, Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abdu’l-Muttalib ibn Hashim, (may Allah bless him as long as the east wind blows and to the number of created things).

Many writers in the past have written about the sublime reality of this noble Messenger.  However, this book was written by one of Africa’s leading scholars and revolutionaries.  Thus, we can get a glimpse as to how the people of the Lands of the Blacks viewed their beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. This book demonstrates the love that the Muslims of Africa had and still have for him.  It is an abridgement of the greatest book concerning the Prophet, the Shifa of Qadi al-‘Iyad.

It was this book, which had a special place in the Islamic curriculum of learning throughout Africa.  The scholars of the Sudan held the study of the Shifa as an important component in the education of the scholar.  The exposition, commentary and explanation of this great book became a permanent function at the ancient Sankore’ university/mosque in Timbuktu.

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