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Regarding the Meaning of ‘Do Not Marry the Women Idolaters’ and ‘Lawful to You are Chaste Women’

On the Prohibition of Marrying Idolaters

Allah ta`ala says in His Infallible Qur’an:

“Do not marry women idolaters until they believe. For a believing slave girl is better than an idolater, even if she amazes you. And do not marry men idolaters until they believe, for a believing male slave is better than an idolater even if he amazes you. The idolaters invite to the Fire and Allah invites to Paradise and forgiveness by His permission and He explains His signs to mankind so that they can be reminded.”

Imam an-Naysaburi said in his Asbaab’n-Nuzuul:

Abu Uthman ibn Umar al-Haafidh informed saying, my grandfather Abu Umar Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Harshi informed us, saying, Isma`il ibn Qutayba informed us, saying, Abu Bakeer informed us, saying, Khalid ibn Ma`ruuf informed us, on the authority of Muqaatil ibn Hayyan who said this verse was revealed concerning Abu Murthad al-Ghunawi who
asked permission of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace about marrying `Inaaq. She was a destitute woman from the Quraysh, who was very beautiful, however she was an idolater, while Abu Murthad was Muslim.

He said:

“O Prophet of Allah! Verily she amazes me.”

Then Allah `azza wa jalla revealed:

“Do not marry women idolaters until they believe.”

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