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24tanbeeh5I came upon this manuscript in the home of the present Sultan of Maiurno (MaiWurnu) of the Blue Nile in the Republic of Sudan. Maiurno is  a provincial capital of millions of Hausa and Fulbe’ muhajiruun from the western and central Bilad as-Sudan (from eastern Senegal to central Chad and from central Niger to central Cameroon).

The sultan is the 16th Sultan and Amir’l-Mu’mineen of the Jama`at of Shehu Uthman Dan Fuduye’. His name is al-Hajji Abu Bakr ibn Sultan Muhammad at-Taahir ibn Sultan Muhammad Bello MaiWurnu ibn Amir ‘l-Mu’mineen Muhammad at-Taahir ibn Amir ‘l-Mu’mineen Ahmad Zaruuk ibn Amir ‘l-Mu’mineen Abu Bakr `Ateeku ibn Amir ‘l-Mu’mineen, Khalifat ‘r-Raashideen, Mujaddid ‘d-Deen, Muhyi ‘s-Sunna and Nuur az-Zamaan – Uthman Ibn Muhammad Ibn Uthman, famous as Dan Fuduye’.

It was during one of my spiritual visits to the town of Maiurno, around the first week of the month of Ramadhan of 1999, when the Sultan suggested that I make a catalogue of every manuscript collected in his house. Later, he suggested that even an office be established in his ‘palace’ for this very purpose. It reminded me of the words of a friend of mine, Tigu Nuur:

When you have the permission from the Sultan anything is possible.”

Well, you can imagine the serenity that fell upon my shoulders at that moment. Wow! I had been given a flag!

Shaykh Muhammad Shareef

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