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“In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful, may Allah send blessings upon our master Muhammad, his family and Companions, all of them.

The most erudite scholar of the Bilad as-Sudan, the Professor, Shaykh Abdullahi ibn Fodiye, said in his Tazyeen al-Waraqaat: “Indeed our teacher Shehu Uthman, may Allah elongate the honor and might of Islam by means of him; when he saw the increase in the numbers of the Jama`at and the students seeking to join it, he desired to part ways with the disbelievers and to establish the jihaad. He then encouraged the Jama`at to collect weapons by saying: “The preparation of weapons is a Sunna.” So, we began to make preparations of weapons. He then began to supplicate Allah so that He would give us Islamic sovereignty in these lands of the Blacks. He composed a poem regarding that called the ‘Song of the Qaadiriyya’ in Fulfulde language; which I then Arabized in poetic verses. This is it”

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‎⁨قصيدة القادرية⁩

The International Qaadiriyya Association

Lines of Poetry Extolling Shaykh Abd’l-Qādir

Make my affairs excellent in this world and in the Hereafter By the spiritual place of those who supplicate by means of Abd’l-Qaadir, O Lord make all hardships easy for me when Death comes by the spiritual place of Abd’l-Qaadir, O Lord then make my ending be excellent From the spiritual rank which is called Abd’l-Qaadir, O Lord make easy for me the answering of Munkar And Nakeer by the spiritual place of Abd’l-Qaadir,

O Lord save me from the punishment of the grave, O Lord by the spiritual ranks of Abd’l-Qaadir, O Lord bless me with the blessings of the grave from The spiritual ranks of the one named Abd’l-Qaadir, O Lord save from the heat of the sun of the Day of Standing O Lord from the spiritual ranks of Abd’l-Qaadir, My Lord give me my book in my right hand, O Lord from the spiritual ranks of Abd’l-Qaadir

O Lord make easy for me the Reckoning during my standing, O Lord from the spiritual ranks of Abd’l-Qaadir, O Lord make my scales heavy for me Tomorrow, O Lord from the spiritual ranks of Abd’l-Qaadir, O Lord permit me to pass over the Bridge over Hell, O Lord from the spiritual ranks of Abd’l-Qaadir, O Lord enter me under the intercession of Ahmad The best of creatures by the spiritual place of Abd’l-Qaadir

O Lord give me to drink from the Basin of Ahmad The best of creatures by the spiritual place of Abd’l-Qaadir, O Lord redeem me from the Fire and let me enter Into the Paradise by the spiritual place of Abd’l-Qaadir, O Lord marry me to Its large eyed virgins, O Lord from the spiritual ranks of Abd’l-Qaadir Show me, my Allah, the face of Ahmad my refuge The best of creatures by the spiritual place of Abd’l-Qaadir

O Lord regarding the Vision of Your Essence count me And answer my supplications by means of Abd’l-Qaadir And answer the supplications of our men and our women, O Lord from the spiritual ranks of Abd’l-Qaadir As well as the supplications of every believer, accept them, My poetic verses are our means to access Abd’l-Qaadir, Answer the supplications of the author along with the scribe,O Lord from the spiritual ranks of Abd’l-Qaadir

Answer the supplications of the one who memorizes it and recites it, O Lord from the spiritual ranks of Abd’l-Qaadir Answer the supplications of the one who hears i,t along with the one made happy With the poem from the spiritual ranks of Abd’l-Qaadir, It is completed in the month of Rabi’l-Awwal The month of Ahmad the grandfather of Abd’l-Qaadir According to the history of his hijra basheer (1212), so rejoice And take as an intermediary Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir

I have Arabized what my brother, my Shaykh composed in non Arabic Both of us together taking as intermediary Abd’l-Qaadir, The letters of my poem following exactly the pattern of his letters Except in a few places, step by step I hope through my partnership with him for acceptance Because I am a disciple of the disciple of Abd’l-Qaadir, The blessings of Ahmad in the lands of Allah Has become universal and abundant by Abd’l-Qaadir.”

Shaykh Abdullahi ibn Fuduye`, Tazyeenl-Waraqaat, unpublished manuscript in the hands of the author, folios 35-38.

Awraad From the Shaykh

Al-Qaadiriyya International Associations

Shaykh Muhy’d-Deen Abd’l-Qadir al-Jaylaani, may Allah be pleased with him once said:

logo rainbowsmall“Enjoyment for my companions who are the leaders of the cavalry I journey with them intending for the home of ample expansion I protect them while each of them are busy with His affair And I lodge them in the Presence of Sanctity from pure nearness I have an institute among every faction before Him And I have a fountain of the sweetest drinking place and beverage The people of pure lucidity who endeavor in robes of honor and each Possessing resolve which accomplishes affairs with zeal and clarity.”


Tareeqa al-Qaadiriyya  al-Aliyya in Mecca and Medina led by Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jayli ibn al-Mahi

Darul-Qadiriyya is the grand headquarter of Qadiriyyah Sufi movement in Kano Nigeria under the baraka of Shaykh Nasiru Kabara

The Qadriyya Association – The Gambia under the leadership of Shaykh Muhammad Haydara al-Jilani,

The International Qaadiriyya Foundation led by Shaykh Muhammad Effendi

Tareeqa al-Qaadiriyya al-Aliyya led by Shaykh Mukhlaf al-Qaadiri

Tareeqa al-Qaadiriyya al-Aliyya led by Shaykh Mukhlaf al-Qaadir

Tareeqa al-Qaadiriyya al-Mukaashfiyya led by Shaykh Muhammad al-Faatih as-Sudani

Tareeqa al-Qaadiriyya al-Mukaashfiyya led by Shaykh Muhammad al-Faatih as-Sudani

Tareeqa al-Qaadiriyya al-Boutchichia

History of the spread of the Qaadiriyya Tareeqa in Africa

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  1. Shaykh Muhammad Shared. I am still the wayfarer at your doorstep awaiting entrance. There has been various occurrences with me since my learning of you. I am worried in my path of amthal. Shehu’s literature has open various door, some of karamat. There is a celebrity I’ve been pointed toward through a dream of acting our the story of Sulayman and Biliqis. Her name is Tyra Banks. When I came out of this state, in 2007, I read the story in Arabic (having just learned) and I pronounced a similitude/arabicization of her name, where it says “tafaqqada t-Tayra”. You wrote about many awliya sciences Dan Tafaqqada possessed, and I’ve been experiencing similars. I am from Compton, California. The nickname for the city is “hub city”. It indicates “a pivot”. The arabicization of the name Compton is Qum Teen (standing clay). The two standing clays of the Qur’an is man and birds (tayr). My grandmother Florida Maria Guy gave me my full name, as she did my father’s. My father’s name is Charles. This name comes from a German word meaning man. Son when Allah calls and raises me on yawn al-qiyam, I will be called “THE SON OF MAN”. My last name (my crown) is “Thornton”. It is another amthal indicator, but one of millennial meaning, from “ton” and “thorn”. My first name is “Kevin”, as an Arabic word it would be “kun” (be). The similarity of Isa with Adam being “be”. My entrance into Islam is my being in Las Vegas when rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur was murdered. I arrived there by way of a karamat dream. It is undisputed he was an African American leader in some regard. I believe he was a “lion cub” of Malcolm. I believe he was an awliya in some regards from our oppression. He bears the symbol of habashiyy emirate, in that he played Travis in A Raisin In The Sun. He was not from Compton, but he chose my city as his representation of karamat for a reason. Is it possible that he has passed on some type of karamat through inheritance, that he was an awliya spelling out the place in which another would arise. He is famous for a poem called The Rose that Grew from The Concrete. The Rose is a thorny flower, but the word for flower is zahar. I believe this implies the pivot (qutb) given first to Fatima Zahar. There is an abundant oof things occurring with me, but knowledge is the means of correcting my spiritual state. In all of this I see Tayr as a pivot in invitation to Islam through easiest. You are my shaykh, and I first contacted you in Sijn, as Allah willed. You can find me through Muhammad Abdullah, Muhammad Tour’s father. It seems I’ve inherited from Yusuf through Shehu’s, yet I need his similar in correcting my state.
    In my dream I wrote Tyra a book. In it Allah gave me permission for kashf. There is only you who possess knowledge of the book. I hope to get this document to you some day.As-salaam ‘alaykum Shaykh.

    • as salaamu alaykum wa rahma…I am not sure where your dream begins and reality ends…what I will say is this. Shaykh Uthman Dan Fuduye` said in his Ihya as-Sunna was Ikhmad al-Bid`at: As for what the people have invented from Satanic innovation in the issue of dreams are the following: Among these innovations is a person undertaking to do an action or leaving an action based merely upon what is seen during sleep (bi mujarradi ‘l-manaam), without referring that to the Book of Allah ta`ala, the sunna of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace and the fundamental principles (qawaa`id) of the early community (as-Salaf), may Allah be pleased with them. This is a forbidden innovation by consensus.

      It says in the al-Madkhal, “Beware of what has occurred among the people in these times where some see the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace during his sleep, commanding something or forbidding something. This person then rises from his sleep and undertakes doing that thing or leaving that thing based merely upon what he saw during his sleep, without referring it to the Book of Allah ta`ala, the sunna of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace and the fundamental principles of the Salaf, may Allah be pleased with them.

      Allah ta`ala says in His Mighty Book,

      {فَإِن تَنَازَعْتُمْ فِي شَيْءٍ فَرُدُّوهُ إِلَى اللّهِ وَالرَّسُولِ}

      ‘If you dispute about anything then refer it back to Allah and the Messenger.’ [Qur’an, 4:59.]

      The meaning here of, ‘… refer it back to Allah…, means back to the Book of Allah. The meaning of, ‘… and the Messenger…’, that is to the Messenger during his life and to his sunna after his death based upon what the scholars, may Allah be merciful to them have said.

      The vision of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace is true and there is no doubt in it based upon his words, upon him be peace,

      ((وَمَن رَآنِي فَقَدْ رَآنِي، فَإِنَّ الشَّيْطَانَ لاَ يَتَصَوَّرُ بِصُورَتِي))
      ‘Whoever has seen me then he has seen me. Satan cannot take my form.’

      This is based upon the difference in the narrations of this tradition. However, Allah ta`ala has not made His slaves responsible for anything which occurs in their sleep.”

  2. After making tawassul with patriarchs of the Banu Isra`il, Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani then calls upon Allah ta`ala by His relationship with Prophet Ayyub, alayhi as-salaam. He said: “O He who removed the injury from Job.” He was Job ibn Mawsu ibn Ruuhmel ibn Esau ibn Isaaq ibn Abraham, upon them be peace.

    Allah ta`ala says about him: “And recall our servant Ayyub, when he called out to his Lord: ‘Verily Satan has touched me with affliction and torment! Thus,(it was said to him) strike the ground with your foot, this is a bathing spring cooling and a refreshing drink. And We bestowed upon him his household and doubled the like thereof, as a mercy from Us, and as a reminder to those who possess a spiritual core’.”

    It has been related by al-Hassan on the authority of al-Hudhayl `Imraan as-Sana`ani who said: “I once heard Wahb say: ‘Ayyub was afflicted with his torment for seven years’.” Al-Haakim narrated on the authority of Ibn Abzi that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace said: “Ayyub was the most forbearing, the most patient and the most controlling of his anger of all the people.”

    Realize that our master Ayyub is from the progeny of `Eis ibn Is’haq upon them be peace, from the children of Ru`ayl or ar-Ruum who was also called al-Fulaan. The final historical fact explains why, this hizb by Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani is so important to Fulani disciples of Qaadiriyya Path. The above cited ar-Ruum, or Ru`ayl or al-Fulaan was the root of our ethnicity the Turuudi Fulani, which is the ethnic group of Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye`, may be merciful to him. This ar-Ruum should not be confused with the ahl’r-Ruum (the People of Rome); a generic cognomen used to refer to the European Christians and the Khazar Jews.

    All of the Fulaata even the Turuudbe` and all the other ethnicities of the Fulbe` trace their descent from the descendents of Isma`il and Is’haq the two sons of Ibrahim al-Khalil upon him be peace. Their mother was Bajju Mangu the daughter of one of the rulers of ar-Ruum. This ar-Ruum was the son of `Eis ibn Is’haq ibn Ibrahim al-Khalil upon him be peace. As for the mother of this ar-Ruum she was Nasmat bint Isma’il ibn Ibrahim upon him be peace. They are the most important ethnicity regarding the dissemination of the religion of Islam, its sciences and its civilization in the whole of the Bilad as-Sudan. More than a third of the captured and kidnapped Blacks imported from West Africa into the Islands of the Caribbean, Central and South America and especially the southeastern states of the United States of America from North Carolina to east Texas were from this ethnicity, and are known today as the Gullah and Geeche Nations. It is for this reason that we say that our master Ayyub upon him be peace was from our righteous ancestors.

    Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani calls upon the Absolute Being who allowed Satan to afflict the body, family and property of Ayyub; but protected Ayyub’s heart. In the same manner the Shaykh evokes the same Lord that restored the health, family, wealth and well-being to Ayyub due to his continual gratitude to Allah ta`ala.

  3. After evoking the seven Haa Mim letters and the powers of the Quranic chapters they represent, and repeating the powerful five mystical letters Kaaf Haa Yaa `Ayn Saad associated with the Quranic chapter Maryum (with all the messianic significance this has with Jesus, his return and the end of the zaman’n-nasara), Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-jaylani, may Allah be pelased with him again evokes the Ha Mim `Ayn Sin Qaaf which heads the chapter al-Ahqaaf

    He, may Allah be pleased with him said: “By Ha Mim `Ayn Sin Qaaf give us protection and do not give them victory!”

    This supplication is extremely significant because it deals with the age in which we are presently in. Although the Hizb’l-Itmaam was composed during the 5th century of the hijra, its impact and full signficance can only be seen in this age because it deals with the events that would occur in the city of Baghdad in which Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir composed this powerful supplication.

    Imam al-Qurtubi said in his al-Jaami` Li Ahkaam’l-Qur’an: “It has been related on the authority of Artaah ibn al-Mundhir that a man once said to Ibn Abass, who was with Hudhayfa al-Yamani: “Infor me about the exegesis on His exalted words Ha Mim `Ayn Sin Qaaf?” Ibn Abass then turned away from him, until the man repeatedly came to him three times asking the same question, and each time he turned away from him. Then Hudhayfa ibn al-Yamaani said to him: “Come, I will transmit the prophecy concerning it to you, because I can see that you will not leave it alone. It was revealed regarding a man from the people of his house, named Abdal Illah or Abdallah. He will settle on a river from the rivers of the east. There two cities will be built for him which the river dissect. When Allah desires to remove the kingdom from them and discontinue their government, He will send down a fire upon one of the cities during the night and the next morning the people will awake to darkness and smoke. The entire town will be burnt as if it never existed. The city on the other side of the river will awaken astounded over its twin city. How did it suddenly change! Then the light of day will not be completed before a gathering of armies of every relentless tyrannical government will descend upon them. Then Allah will destroy the remaining the city by means of them as well as the gathered armies all together. That is the meaning of His words: ‘Ha Mim `Ayn Sin Qaaf’; that is to say a decisive decision from the Decisions of Allah will occur and tribulation and the Decision will cause darkness. Ha Mim the letter `ayn means that ‘Divine Justice (`adl) from Him’, the letter sin means ‘will occur’ (sayakuun); the letter qaaf means ‘to befall those two cities’.”

    It is for this reason that the Hizb’l-Itmaam is actually a supplication for this age and is a spiritual refuge for the Muslim in this age who are now witnessing the above mentioned prophetic prophecy regarding the city of Baghdad which was Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani’s center of activity and the place where he lived, taught and was buried.

    The evidence which acts as a counterpart to the above interpolation of these sacred letters is what was related by Jareer on the authority of Abdallah al-Bajli who said I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace say: “A great city will be built between the Tigris and the Dajeel rivers and the Euphrates and the Suraat rivers. The tyrannical governments of the world will gather there in order to collect its treasures. There they will be ruined…”. In another narration it adds: “…along with its people…”. It continues: “…They will sink into the earth vanishing faster than a huge rock sinks in quicksand.”

    The scholars are agreed that the above prophetic tradition refers to Baghdad, the city in which is buried the author of this Hizb, Shaykh Muhy’d-Deen Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani and many of his noble companions. It was after the first invasion of Iraq and the city of Baghdad which took place under president George H. W. Bush under the names of Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm from August to February of 1990-1991 that the US began to go into a tail spin of social, political, and economic decline. This was further enhanced with subsequent military raids of Baghdad and economic sanctions by the Clinton regime; and then the clearly unwarranted and unjustified invasion implemented by the George Bush Jr. regime and then the ongoing military campaigns by the US regime under Barack Obama.

    From 1990 until the present we have witnessed the complete collapse of the so called American hegemony over the world. The US, the UK, the EU, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and all those nations which had a hand in the invasion and continued insecurity of the city of Baghdad have become ‘ruined’ and is sinking ‘into the earth faster than a huge rock sinks in quicksand.’

    It has been related by Nafi` on the authority of Ibn Abass who said: “The letter ha is His forbearance. The letter mim is His majesty. The letter `ayn is His knowledge. The letter sin is His sublimity. The letter qaaf is His omnipotence. Allah swears by means of these.”

    It has been related on the authority of Muhammad ibn Ka`b who said: “Allah swears by means of His forbearance, His majesty, His exaltedness, His sublimity and His omnipotence that He will not punish the one who persist in the statement: There is no deity except Allah’, sincerely in his heart.”

    At-Tha`alibi said: “When this verse was revealed the signs of dejection were seen on the Prophet’s face, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. It was said to him: ‘O Messenger of Allah what saddens you?’ He said: ‘I was just informed about the trials which will descend upon my Umma from disgrace, defamation, the fire that will crush them, a wind which will humiliate them on the seas, and consecutive Divine signs which will be connected to the heavenly descent of Isa and the appearance of the Dajjal.”

    Each of these prophetic traditions is proof that Ha Mim `Ayn Sin Qaaf comprises a supplication for the destruction of enemies, as the Shaykh Muhy’d-Deen Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani, may Allah be pleased with him utilized it. He adds to the evocation of these mystical letters a general supplication for protection and defense but also offense against the enemies of Allah and His people, by his words: “…give us protection and do not give them victory!”

    • After evoking the disconnected mystical letters which open the Quranic chapters, our master Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani then make a series of three supplications in which he calls for vengence against those who do not love the honor of Islam and against oppressors and tyrants and then makes tawassul (intermediacy) with one of the Ulaa’l-`Azmi, prophet and messenger Nuuh (Noah), upon him be peace; when he said:

      “O Allah save us from evils and do not make us the locus of trials and afflictions. O Allah give us the fulfillment of our hopes above what we hope for. O He whose Divine Favor we are asking for: Answer us swiftly, answer us swiftly! Respond, respond! O He who answered Noah in his supplications…”

      Here Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani is giving indications of an immense secret from the secrets of Prophet Nuuh. He was our spiritual master the Prophet and Messenger, Noah ibn Lamek ibn Methusalah ibn Enoch ibn Idris ibn Yarid ibn Mahlayel ibn Anush ibn Qaynaan ibn Sheth ibn Adam, upon them be peace.

      There were four secrets of Nuuh which Allah ta`ala gave the Umma of Muhammad, in the Qur’an. These secrets are hidden within the four supplications which Allah ta`ala recited upon his tongue.

      In the Hizb’l-Itmaan, it is as if Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir asks Allah ta`ala by means of the secret concealed in His exalted words on the tongue of Noah upon him peace when he said: [1] “Verily I am overpowered, so assist me”;

      He said: [2] “Lord verily they have disobeyed me and have followed after one whose wealth and children will only increase him in loss. They then plotted a major plot against him”;

      He said: [3] “Lord forgive me, my parents, those who enter my home as believers and the believing men and women, and do not increase the unjust except with destruction”;

      He said: [4] “Lord verily my people have denied the truth, so open between me and them an opening and save me and those who are with me from among the believers. Then We saved him and those with him in a hefty ship.”

      It has been related by Qatada on the authority of Ibn Abass on the authority of the Prophet may Allah bless him and grant him peace that he said: “The Messenger that was sent with a universal divine message was Noah. He was sent as a Messenger to the people of the entire earth.” It was for this reason that the recompense of those who disbelieved is that Allah drowned all of the people of the earth.

      Thus, when Shaytkh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani makes intermedicacy with Prophet Noah, he is asking Allah ta `ala inflict oppressors, tyrants and those who hate the honor of Islam with a punishment which is similar to what He inflcited the enemies of Allah during the times of Prophet Nuuh, upon him be peace.

      • Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani first makes intermediacy (tawassul) with the Nuuh and then with our master Ibrahim, upon him be peace; by his words:

        “…and the One who gave victory to Abraham against his enemies…”

        He was our ancestor, Ibrahim (Abraham) ibn Tarikh ibn Naahur ibn Sarugh ibn Raagu ibn Faaluq ibn Aabir ibn Shaleh ibn Arfakhshidu ibn Shem ibn Noah, upon him and his family be blessings and peace.

        Here the Shaykh is giving an indication of the secrets of Allah’s Divine Names which He manifested in the redemption of our ancestor, spiritual master the Friend of Allah Ibrahim Allah redeemed Abraham from Nimrod and his fire.

        Allah ta`ala says: “We said: O fire be cool and safe for Abraham. They desired to invent a plot against him, but We made them the losers; and saved him.”

        The supplication which Abraham said which was the causative factor for him being redeemed from the fire; as it was transmitted by at-Tabari on the authority of as-Sadi who said: “When the idolaters said: ‘Construct and edifice for him and throw him into flaming fire’; Abraham then raised his head to the heavens and said: ‘O Allah You are the One in the heavens and I am singular on earth. There is no one earth who worships You besides me. ‘Allah is enough for me and He is the Best of Guardians’. They then threw him in the fire. Then a shout was made to it saying: ‘O fire be cool and safe for Abraham’. It was the Angel Jibril, upon him be peace who made the shout.”

        Ibn Abass said: “If the coolness was not followed by safety, then Abraham would have died due to the severity of the cold. On that day not a single fire on earth remained without being extinguished at that moment; each flame thought it was the fire that Jibril’s command intended. When the fire was extinguished, the people observed Abraham and there was another man with him. It is said that this other man was actually a manifestation of the Angel of the cool shade.”

        I say: It was the Angel made responsible for blessings which are sent upon the Prophet and his family, may Allah bless him and grant him peace; and Allah knows best.

        Az-Zujaaj said: “The meaning of Friend (khaleel), is the one who has no defects in his love for his friend. It is conceivable to say a Friend to Allah (Khaleel Lillah) because he is the one whom He loves and has chosen with a complete love. It is also conceivable to say Friend of Allah (Khaleelullahi); that is to say, the one who is completely in need of Allah ta`ala, because he only manifest his need and privations to Allah being completely sincere in that.

        This intermediacy with Ibrahim, the Bosom Friend of Allah is significant because it is a way of Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani of asking Allah to cause the afflictions and punishments which the disbelievers inflict upon the believers to turn againt them and afflict them and to make the persecution of the oppressive disbelievers cool and a source of comfort for the believers.

        This is important in the west where we ask Allah ta`ala to destroy the infrastructure, the institutions, and systems which are used to oppress Muslims, while at the same time, allowing the Muslims who are caught within the grip of their oppression to suffer no harm and to prosper as the disebleivers implode and collapse around them.

        • Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani then evokes two of champions of truth from among the prophets and messengers by his words:

          “O He who returned Joseph to Jacob!”

          The signficance of this supplication has immediate resonance with the lost and found descendants of Abraham who were kidnapped from their Muslim lands in Africa and subjugated and enslaved in the United States, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Belize, Panama, Brazil and other lands in the western hemisphere, because just as Allah ta`ala redeemed Joseph from enslavement, imprisonment and then made him a leader in the land of his oppression and finally returned him back to his father Jacob with honor and dignity; likewise today Allah ta`ala has been seeking out and redeeming the lost and found children of Abraham in the west, returning them to their religion of Islam and reconnecting them to the highest spiritual paths of their African Muslim ancestors.

          In this regard, the Hizb’l-Itmaam is the REAL supplication of the oppressed for those in the western hemisphere who, like Joseph, was kidnapped, sold into slavery, and locked within a penal system designed to destroy their humanity.

          Who was Yusef ibn Ishaq (Joseph the son of Jacob)?

          He was Joseph ibn Jacob ibn Isaaq ibn Abraham. According to hebrew historical surces, Jacob had twelve sons and it is to them that all of the genuine Tribes of the Bani Isra’il are attributed.

          As for the father of Yusef (Joseph), he was the foundation of what became famous as the Banu Isra’il. The real name of Jacob was Isra’il, and he was the son of Isaaq ibn Abraham, upon them be peace.

          The name Isra’il is a non Arabic Hebraic name which means ‘servant of Allah’. Ibn Abass said: “Isra in Hebrew means ‘servant’, while ‘il’ means Allah.”

          It is also said that ‘Isra’ means ‘one purified’, and ‘il is Allah. It is also said that ‘Isra’ means ‘one mighty and strong’, thus Isra’il was a person whom Allah strengthened and perfected his physical and inward nature. This is what al-Mahdawi mentioned.

          As-Suhayli said: “He was named Isra’il because he journeyed in middle of night when he made the hijra to Allah ta`ala. For this reason he was named Isra’il, meaning ‘he took the night journey to Allah’.

          Thus part of his name corresponds with the Hebraic tongue and part with that of the Arabs. He had twelve sons.” The most noble, sublime and magnificent of them was Joseph, upon him be peace. It is the opinion of a circle of scholars who say that there was no Prophet among these twelve sons, except Joseph, and that the remainder of his brothers did not receive revelation.

          These twelve sons were the progenotors of the ancient Banu Isra`il whom Allah ta`ala chose over all the nations and blessed, and who would be scattered and lost until the End of Times, when they would be redeemed by means of the blessings of the final Messenger, Muhammad ibn Abdullahi, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. It would be by means of Muhammad that the lost and scattered tribes of the Banu Isra`il would be returned back to the sacred Way of thier fathers.

          This however, completely excludes those European Turkish Khazar tribes today (may Allah curse them) who accepted a twisted version of Judaism during the 9th century and scattered throughout Russia, Poland, Germany and other regions of eastern Europe; and who, based upon a false claim, have usurped real estate in Palestine, expelled its real inhabitants and imposed an apartheid illegal state upon the sacred lands of promised to Abraham and his descendents.

  4. Returning to an analysis of the Hizb’l-Itmaam, Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir, al-Jaylani may Allah be pleased with him, after reciting the five disconnected mystical letters Kaaf Haa Yaa `Ayn Saad and making a powerful supplication against those who hate the honor of Islam; he then recites series of mystical letter which can also be considered smart bombs, spiritual drones, spiritual billistic missiles or spiritual stealth bombers.

    He said:
    “Ha Mim Ha Mim Ha Mim Ha Mim Ha Mim Ha Mim Ha Mim do not give them victory!”

    The phrase “laa tunsaruun” (…do not give them victory/ …do not give them help/…do not assist them) is an expression that which addresses every aspect of the targeted individual, group or nation. it is a supplication whose implications include the obvious help from Allah, but also that those who hate the honor of Islam and its people, not be allowed to help one another; and where they do seel to assist one another; that this assistance or mutual help fails them. This is significant especially in this age.

    There is disagreement among the scholars regarding the meaning of the letters Haa Mim. `Akrama said that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace said: “Haa Mim is a Divine Name from the Divine Names of Allah ta`ala and It is from among the keys to the treasures of tour Lord.”

    Ibn Abass said: “Haa Mim is one of the Greatest Divine Names of Allah,” Qatada said: “It is a name of the names of the Qur’an.” Mujaahid said: “It is the opening of the chapters of the Qur’an.”

    Ata’ al-Khurasani said: “The letter haa is the key to His Divine Names: Hameed (the Praised), Hanaan (the Affectionate), Haleem (the Forbearing)and Hakeem (the Wise). The letter mim is the key to His Divine Names: Malik (the Sole King), Majeed (the Majestic), Manaan (the Benefactor), Mutakkabir (the Exceedingly Great) and Mussawwir (the Fashioner).”

    The above interpolations are proven by what was related by Anas that a Bedouin came and asked the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace saying: “What is Haa Mim? We have never known this in our language?” The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace then said: “The letters are the keys to Divine Names and the opening of the Qur’anic chapters.”

    Ad-Dihaak and al-Kisai’ said: “The meaning of the letters is that He fulfills what will be.”

    Shaykh Muhy’d-Deen Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani utilizes the letters Haa Mim seven times because the Haa Mim was revealed as the opening of seven consecutive Qur’anic chapters. It is as if the Shaykh is saying: “O Allah I ask You by the truth of Haa Mim of Surat Ghaafir, by the truth of Haa Mim of Surat Fussilat; by the truth of Haa Mim of Surat as-Shuraa; by the truth of Haa Mim of Surat az-Zukhraf; by the truth of Haa Mim of Surat ad-Dukhaan: by the truth of Haa Mim of Surat al-Jaadhiya; and by the truth of Haa Mim of Surat al-Ahqaaq.”

    That is to say: “I ask You by the truth of each of these seven Qur’anic chapters and by the secrets concealed within them from Your Greatest Names.”

    One of my teachers in Maiurno Faqih Muhammad Bello informed me that the seven above mentioned Quranic chapters which began Haa Mim should be recited by an army in order to protect themselves from attack. It can be recited in order to protect a Muslim village, a Muslim city or Muslim country. When an individual Muslim recites these seven Quranic chapters in one sitting, it will protect himself, his family and everything connected to him that is lawful from the onslaught of apparent and hidden enemies. However, these chapters MUST be recited accompanied with the two chapters which follow them: [1] Surat Muhammad and [2] Surat al-Fath (the Victory or the Opening).

    • Again in order to indicate how powerful the mystical letters which head the Quranic chapter called Maryum are, Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani evokes them again. He, may Allah be pleased with him said:

      “O Allah by the truth of . Kaaf Haa Yaa `Ayn Saad suffice us with Your sufficiency!”

      The opening expression “O Allah” ALLAHUMMA is extremely significant because it was a Divine Name utilized by the Hebrew prophets and messengers of old, and is related to the Hebrew phrase ‘elohim’, which the ignorant today associate with a plurality of deities. This confusion an error emerged from the letter ‘mim’ which to Arabs, Hebrews and the other seven sister languages of Arabic means plurality (jam`u). I will return to this in a moment.

      Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Munlaa said in his commentay upon the as-salaat as-sughra of Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani: “ALLAHUMMA is a synonym of the vocative “YAA ALLAH”, however with the ommission of the vocative particle ‘yaa’ which is substituted with letter ‘mim’ of exaltation (tafkheem) and glorification (ta`dheem).”

      Shaykh al-Jazuli, the author of the Dalaa’il’l-Khayraat, may Allah be merciful to him said: “The Great Name of Allah (ALLAHUMMA) is placed at the beginning of every supplication most times because it is a gathering of all the meanings of Allah’s Noble Divine Names and it is their foundation.”

      al-Hassan al-Basri said: “The expression ALLAHUMMA is a gathering of all supplications.”

      Abu Raja’ al-`Itaarady said: “The letter ‘mim’ in the expression ALLAHUMMA combinds in itself Ninety-Nine Names from the Divine Names of Allah ta`ala.”

      Imam an-Nadr ibn Shimayl said: “Whoever says ALLAHUMMA has in affect called upon all of the Divine Names of Allah.”

      Regarding the confusion which some modern anthropologist of hebraic linguistics give to the Name ‘Elohim’ being a plurality, is due to the fact that the letter ‘mim’ in Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Amharic, Guz, Coptic and Syrian is a sign which signifies plurality.

      In Arabic you say: ‘`alayhi’ (upon him) to refer to one person; and ‘alayhim’ (upon them) to indicate plurality. Thus, the letter ‘mim’ is a suffix in Arabic which indicates plurality. When it is adjoined to the majestic Name ALLAH it does not mean plurality as in a plurality of deities, but it indicates a gathering in itself of all the Divine Names of Allah ta`ala.

      Thus when a person supplicates with the expression ALLAHUMMA it is as if he/she is saying: “O Allah to whom belong the most beautiful Divine Names.” It is for this reason that the expression ALLAHUMMA is utilized to began most supplications in Arabic.

      Imam Sibawayhi said that the letter ‘mim’ is intensified (mushaddad) or doubled since it is a substitute for the vocative particle ‘yaa’ which has been ommitted.

      Because the expression ALLAHUMMA is both a gathering of all the Divine Names as well as a unique summoning or evoking of Allah as a vocative, many scholars and sages among Muslims as well as Hebrews believe that this expression is one of the Hidden Most Immense Names of Allah that when you supplicate by means of them you are answered and when you ask by means of them you are given.

      In this regard, ALLAHUMMA joins with the Names: HUWA, AL-HAYY AL-QAYYUUM, AL-`ALIYU AL-`ADHEEM, AL-HALEEM AL-`ADHEEM, LAA ILAHA ILLA HUWA and many others which included among the most immense hidden names of Allah.

      Then Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani, may Allah be pleased with him said:

      “…by the truth of Kaaf Haa Yaa `Ayn Saad…” which means by the truth or reality of these five Divine mystical letters and the secrets they contain; and it also means by the truth, the secrets and mysteries contained in the Quranic chapter which these letters open, which is Surat Maryum.

      It also means by the sufficiency with which You suffice against enemies because it has been related by Abu Kurayb on the authority of ad-Duhaak regarding His words Kaaf Haa Yaa `Ayn Saad: “The letter kaaf represents sufficiency.”

      It is for this reason that my spiritual master Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani said: “O Allah by the truth of Kaaf Haa Yaa `Ayn Saad suffice us against our enemies”; and also: “O Allah suffice us with Your sufficiency!”

      This particular supplication is significant especially when the target of the supplication is an enemy that is immense, such as an imperial power or global state whose power nexis is worldwide and subsumes other states in its imperial network. Like ancient imperial Rome which coopted the religions of the people that it conquered, in affect subjugating their religious or shaman class to the imperial needs of the Empire; similarly the US has coopted the clerical class of those Muslim states which are its vassals such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait etc where the state controlled Imams are paid to teach the people to pray for US and NATO forces which have invaded Muslims lands and not pray against them. Because these vassal Arab polities are completely linked in the global network of arms, weaponry and security industry, they have a vested (invested) interest in the survival of these non Muslim states which have invaded and attack Muslim lands. Thus, the demise of one also means the demise of the vassal states that rely upon them.

      It is for this reason Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani ask Allah ta`ala to suffice the Muslims with His sufficiency in such a manner that when these non Muslim states implode or collapse that it does not inadvertantly effect Muslim people. Muslims need not suffer as a result of the collapse and implosion of non Muslim states that hate the honor of Islam.

      In a manner the sufficiency of Allah ta`ala which suffices His servants is similar to the coolness with which Allah ta`ala sufficed Ibrahim, upon him be peace when he was thrown into the fire’s of Nimrod. Allah ta`ala says: “O fire! Be cool for Ibrahim” and the fire which Nimrod ignited for the Friend of Allah, Ibrahim burnt everything around including that which belonged to Nimrod, while Ibrahim was seen in the center of the fire, at ease, cool, calm and collected.

      In this way Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani is asking that the fire of punishment which Allah unleashes against those people and societies that do not love the honor of Islam, that it suffice the Muslims who suffer under them and it not adversely affect them.

      • As an historical note, it must be realized that during the Roman imperial occupation of the Holylands in al-Quds, the Bani Isra’il had been divided into seventy-two sects. All of these sects were subsummed under the three major factions which Josephus and others describe for us during that period: [1] the pharisees; [2] the sadducees, and [3] the essenes (nasaara). For the most part all of them desired an end to imperial Roman hegemony and occupation of al-Quds. However, each of the sects went about it in different ways.

        The Sadducees, desired Roman withdrawal but they also desired a continued link with imperial Rome due to the economic, security benefits as well as to show up the corrupt Hebraic vassal regime. The Sadducees worked for a gradual hellenization of al-Quds in such a way that the region would remain completely networked with the imperial state, but with Jewish control.

        The pharisees also desired an end to imperial Roman hegemony over al-Quds, but their opposition was somewhat more violent. In some ways there were factions among the clerical class of the pharasees who also wanted a gradual hellenization of the infrastructure and state apparati in al-Quds, but they desired Rome not to meddle in their religious affairs. However, there was also a faction among the pharasees that were terrorist. They were called sicarii (the knives) named after the daggers this faction used to attack Roman military units throughout the Middle East.

        It was this terrorist faction among the phariseese which gave imperial Rome the excuse it needed to first occupy al-Quds with increased militirization but eventually to destroy the city of Jerusalem.

        The third faction, the essenes (or nasaara), like the other two desired an end of imperial Roman occupation. However this faction did not see that there was a political or military solution to this occupation. They saw that the only way this occupation would end was through a spiritual solution. This meant a general repentance on the part of the Bani Isra’il where they would collectively regain the love and support of Allah as He supported them against Pharoah and his host.

        Although, the Essenes saw that the problem of Roman hegemony over al-Quds was a result of the sins of the Bani Isra’il, they did not subsume to self deprecating fatalism. They believed in the eventual return of a Messiah, and an eventual repentance on the part of the Bani Isra’il, but more importantly this faction also fasted, prayed, supplicated to Allah to destroy the Roman polity and those among them who collaborated with the Romans.

        It must be understood that back in Rome, the war machineray made no distinction between these three groups. In fact the Romans used the terrorism of the sicarii among the pharisees as a justification for destroying any and all factions among the Bani Isra’il that did not want Roman hegemony.

        This historical review is significant because today, we have the same factions among the Muslims. Some Muslim states and individuals residing under non Muslim rule have become sadducaic in their outlook and approach. Ergo, a desire to ‘ameriKKKanize’ Islam; or AngliKKKize islam.

        Similarly there are elements among Muslim states and individuals living under western governments who due to their strident conservative approach to the religion of Islam, call for and are involved in terrorism against the west and all its entities. It is this faction which provides the US and its western allies, and even its communist antagonist, with the justification it needs to invade and occupy Muslim lands, and to crack down upon all elements of Muslim national minorities underneath their hegemony.

        There is another faction made up of the awliyya, who trust in Allah and His Messenger and believe in the signs of the End of Time; who fast, pray, give alms, and supplicate in order to end this era of the Zaman’n-Nasara over the world. Like the Essenes of old, they too believe in the return of a Messiah and an apperance of a savior who will with the help of Allah bring about an end to this horror which has afflicted the world since the beginning of the 15th century.

        I believe we are fast approaching that time. It is for this reason that the Hizb’l-Itmaam of Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani is so pertinent. It provides the Muslim with the psychological backup to endure these final decades of the Zaman’n-Nasara and it gives the weapons they really need to help in the demise of these states that do not love the honor of Islam and its people.

        The weapon of the believers is not strapping bombs to your bodies, or shooting up gay clubs that Islam demands you not to be in in the first place; or doing any military action which is not sanctioned by a legitimate Muslim Sultan. The weapon of the believer is the same weapon which the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace gave to the oppressed, poor destitute Muslim, by his words:

        “Supplication is the weapon of the believer.”

        The Hizb’l-Itmaam constitutes one of the advanced weaponry in the arsenal of the awliyya which when recited by a repentant Muslim who recognizes his/her inabilities to do anything on thier own, gains for themselves and the rest of the Muslims the kind of Divine Assistance which increases the believers in faith and feels the hearts of those non Muslim who hate the honor of Islam with real dread and terror.

        Examine the devestation which Allah is enacting against the cities, forest, beaches, and lakes of those states which have been actively involved in the mass murder of Muslims.

  5. Thank you for explaining this amazing work, it is the clear understanding that gives certanty, something so desperately needed now. I will approach reading this hizb with a clear conscious.

      • Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani once said, may Allah be pleased with him: Whoever causes harm or hurt without right to one of my disciples, he will be punished in this life before the Next, unless he repents and seeks forgiveness. The Hizb’l-Itmaam is how the disciples of the Shaykh who have been victims of injustice can exact their ‘come uppants’ against those who have harmed them. Imagine the neighbors of Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani in Baghdad who have been the victims of uranium depleted bombs, nitrate bombs etc from the US and NATO forces. If you want to know why it is the flesh eating bacteria is striking Texas beaches; and why alligators are dragging away children at Disney World; or why sharks are attacking and eating people on the south eastern coast of the US; it is because of the neighbors of Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir in Baghdad who erew invaded without right and who city was destroyed without right by US and NATO forces. the Hizb’l-Itmaam is that prayer that the field slave longed for. With it, not only will a wind come along, but a black whirlwind to boot!

  6. Since 9-11 the Muslims in the western hemisphere have been bombarded with swave and eloquent lectures by the ulama’s-suu (the venile scholars) about how they should not pray against those governments, institutions and agencies that do not love the honor of Islam. These ‘plantation preachers’ have sold their religion for a small price and have distorted the religion of Islam in order to garner favor with those who hate Islam and its people.
    Allah orders quite the contrary when He says:

    “لَا يُحِبُّ اللهُ الجَهْرَ بِالسُّوءِ مِنَ الْقَوْلِ إِلَّا منْ ظُلِمَ * وَكَانَ اللهُ سَمِيعًا عَلِيمًا * إِنْ تَبْدُوا خَيْرًا أَوْ تُخْفُوهُ أَوْ تَعْفُوا عَنْ سُوءٍ فَإِنَّ اللهَ كانَ عَفُوًّا قَدِيرًا”
    “Allah does not love the raising of the voice in public speech regarding evil, except for the one who has been the victim of injustice; for Allah is all Hearing and all Knowing. Whether you expose a good deed or conceal it or pardon evil, indeed Allah is Pardoning Powerful.”

    In his famous Diya’t-Taweel fee Ma`ana t-Tanzeel Shaykh Abdullahi ibn Fuduye` tells us about the meaning of Allah’s words: “Allah does not love the raising of the voice in public speech regarding evil” from anyone, and this is the same with secret speech. However, public speech is more obscene for which there will be punishment for it; “except” when speech is raised publically “for the one who has been the victim of injustice”. For the one who has been victimized should not be blamed for informing about the injustice of those who are unjust. However, he should not increase beyond that in speech. Thus, the meaning of the verse is that it is not lawful to manifest the hidden circumstances of the people, except for the one who has been the victim of injustice. He has the right to say: “someone stole from me”; “someone coerced me”; or he has the right to insult him in the same manner that he was insulted…
    …Ibn Abbas said: “This verse is a license for the victim of injustice to make supplication against his oppressor, however if he is patient it will be good for him.” al-Hassan al-Basri said: “It is that you say: O Allah assist me against him. O Allah take my rights for me. O Allah come between me and him in what he desires; and the like from supplications.” Ibn al-Arabi said: “He can say all of the above if the person who oppressed him is a believer. However, if the person who oppressed him is a disbeliever, then he should let his tongue flow freely against him. He should supplicate for his destruction with every kind of supplication. If the oppressor was open and apparent with his oppression then he should supplicate publically against him and the oppressor should not have any honor, any body part or any wealth that should be respected regarding supplication against it.” Mujahid said: “This verse was revealed regarding hosting a guest when a man is hosted by another and the host does not fulfill the rights of his guest. It is permissible for the guest to inform people about him”…
    “…for Allah is all Hearing” of the words, speech and supplication of the victim of injustice; “…and all Knowing” of the circumstances of the oppressor. “Whether you expose a good deed” at the time of speaking publically regarding evil; “…or conceal it” or if you manifest virtue or keep it secret; “…or pardon evil” like the injustice that afflcits you by wiping it from your hearts; “…indeed Allah is Pardoning”; i.e. that He lets many things past; “…Powerful” i.e. He is extreme in His ability to enact vengence, along with being pardoning. Therefore you should behave with His behavior as a way of guiding mankind to what is superior while at the same time making the least behavior lawful.”

    Here ends what Shaykh Abdullahi ibn Fuduye` said about the matter and based upon what he said, it is clear that any Muslim in the western hemisphere who has to endure his God, his prophet, his book and his religion being reviled and insulted daily and nightly by a great majority of the society. He has to witness his Muslim women being insulted publically and some of them being attacked publically. He has to witness Muslim men being physically attacked and assaulted; and their masaajid being patrolled by heavilly armed white fascist. he has to endure being removed from flights simply for reading something in Arabic, or wearing a kufi or wearing a beard; then without doubt the least right he has is to supplicate with everykind of supplications against that society, its infrastructure and its people until Allah ta`ala erradicates them and exchange them with a better people. This is his right as a Muslim.

    No one, not Homeland Security, not the fascist FBI or NSA, not a racist Senator or a xenophobic Congressional representative or any Islamophobe regardless of his race or creed can deny you the right to supplicate secretly or publically against the government in part or whole which villifies your religion and people. Your supplication is protected free speech! if anyone even complains of your right to pary against the government, he has violated you right of free speech. If they, out of their blood lust past laws preventing you from praying and supplicating against the government, its members, its people, its institutions, or its infrastructure in whole or in part; they have gnawed away at the foundation of their constitution, which is exactly what we want and expect them to do; for they have been doing it since the day they sat down in 1776 and put together these bags of tricks.

  7. The Hizb’l-Itmaam of Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani is the real “supplication of the oppressed” because it cuts through to the chase and calls for clear and unmitigated destructiion upon those who repress Muslims and the oppressed. Like the supplication of ‘the field slave’, the Hizb’l-Itmaam is not some song where Muslims gather together and pray ‘for’ those who spitefully misuse them, failing to acknowledge the repression they are suffering or to supplicate against those who are clearly repressing them. The Hizb’l-Itmaan is a precise formula for the oppressed Muslim to test the power and immediacy of Allah’s revenge against those who do not love the honor of Islam. It is a supplication for those who have no helper except Allah and for those who have no resort exept Allah.

    It is abhorrent in these days to see Muslims in the US gathering in masaajid and reciting a ‘prayer of the oppressed’ and they do not pray against those who oppress them. The ”imams’ who are responsible for such gatherings are no different from the ‘plantation preachers’ who had oppressed enslaved Africans praying for their slave masters and all those who spitefully abused them. It is as if these Imams never heard the words of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace: “Fear the supplication of the oppressed because between them and Allah there is no barrier.” In one version of this tradition, he, upon him be blessings and peace said: “…even if he is none Muslim.”

    This is encouragement and incitement to oppressed Muslims to pray and supplicate against those who oppress them. It indicates that even a none Muslim who is oppressed will have his supplications answered if in his desperation he turns to Allah and plea for His assistance. In this way Allah ta`ala enters solid faith and certainty into the heart of the none Muslim by showing him the strength, the vehemence and immediacy of His Divine assistance to those who are oppressed.

    Rather than gathering Muslims and non Muslims in ‘churches’ in order to sing ‘songs’ called ‘the supplication of the oppressed’, which does nothing more than anethematize and opiate oppressed people; these ‘imams’ should be gathering Muslims and none Muslims alike and reciting supplications which are so decisive and detailed in the call for destruction against those who do not love the honor of Islam; that it increases the Muslims in faith and causes islam to enter the hearts of those who do not yet believe.

    The Hizb’l-Itmaam is just that kind of supplication. The expression ‘itmaan’ in the title means completion, termination, bringing to perfection, effectuation and achievement. It indicates that it is a supplication which is already answered (mustajaaba) with Allah ta`ala.

    It begins with a supplication called the al-Baaqiyaat as-Saalihaat (the enduring good deeds) about which Allah ta`ala says: “the Enduring Good Deeds are best in the sight of your Lord, as rewards, and best as [the foundation for] hopes.” [18:46]; and His words: “and the Enduring Good Deeds, are best in the sight of your Lord, as rewards, and best in respect of [their] eventual return.”

    The Enduring Good Deeds is your saying:
    “Glory be to Allah, all praises are due to Allah, there is no deity except Allah, and there is no power or might except with Allah the Exalted the Mighty.”

    It was related by Ahmad, al-Hakim and al-Bayhaqi on the authority of Abu Sa`id al-Khudri who said that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace said: “Increase in the reciting of the Enduring Good Deeds: glorification, declaring the Divine Unity, praise, extolling and saying there is no power or might except with Allah the Exalted the Mighty.”

    It was related by Ahmad and Muslim on the authority of Samra ibn Jundub who said that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace said: “The most beloved of speech to Allah ta`ala are four: Glory be to Allah; all praises are due to Allah; there is no deity except Allah and Allah is the greatest. And whichever one you begin with it will not harm you.”

    Shaykh Muhy’d-Deen Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani began his hizb with glorifying Allah, praising Him, declaring His unity, extolling His greatness and sole might and power along with sending blessings upon the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace because this is the proper manner to open and begin all supplications.

    It has been related by Imam an-Nawwawi in his al-Adhkaar: “It has been transmitted to us in the Sunnan of Abu Dawud, at-Tirmidhi, and an-Nisaai; on the authority of Fadaala ibn `Ubayd, may Allah be pleased with him, who said that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace said: “When anyone of you makes supplications, he should began with praising his Lord, glorifying Him and extolling and then send the blessings upon the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Then he should supplicate for whatever he wishes.”

    • In this context what the oppressed Muslim and the oppressed people wish for is the complete removal of the cause of their oppression. this can only happen with a complete eradication of the infrastructure, intelligence, economies and social structure of those who oppress.

      By asking Allah ta`ala to utilize His forces (junuuduhu) in the unseen such as His Angels, and Muslim jaan, as well as His forces in creation such as: hurricanes, tornadoes, twisters, tsunamis, earthquakes, tremors, floods, storms, extreme weather, forest fires, brush fires, dangerous ‘black ice, hail, wildfires, avalanches, typhoons, disasters, snow, blizzards, sleet, mud slides, erosions, power outages, brown outs, lightening, shark attacks, flesh eating bacteria and other forces which are under the absolute control of Allah ta`ala.

      Also by asking for Allah ta`ala to break up their social harmony and bring about discord in every element of their political, domestic, social and economic life. All of this falls under the lawfulness of the supplication of the oppressed against their oppressors. The names of individuals should be mentioned, along with the names of cooporations, banks, think tanks and institutions that allow the oppressors to implement their oppression.

      • Then Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani follows the al-Baaqiyat as-Saalihaat with sending blessings upon the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. This is in order to assure that the Hizb’l-Itmaam is a supplication that is answered.

        It has been related by ad-Daylami on his Musnad’l-Firdaus on the authority of Anas ibn Malik; as well as by al-Bayhaqi in his Shu`b’l-Imaan on the authority of Ali ibn Abi Talib, that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace said: “Every supplication is veiled until the person sends blessings upon the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.”

        It has also been related by ad-Daylami on the authority of Ali ibn Abi Talib who said that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace said: “There is no supplication except that between it and Allah is a veil; until blessings is sent upon the Prophet and his family. When the person does this, then the veil is rent and his supplication enters. If he does not do this, then his supplication is returned to him.”

        The prayer upon the Prophet, which Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir utilizes here is the as-Salaat as-Sughra (the Minor Prayer Upon the Prophet) which is:

        O Allah! send blessings and abundant peace upon our master Muhammad, whose light preceded the creation, whose appearance was a mercy to the worlds; to the extent of all those who have passed away from His creatures and to all those who are continuing; to the extent of those among them who attain bliss and those who attain wretchedness; with a blessing which engulfs enumeration and encompasses all limits; a blessing which has no end, no termination, and no cessation; a blessing which is eternal with Your eternity and continuous with Your continuity which will have no end to it short of Your knowledge; a blessing to the extent of what was and what will be; to the extent of what exist concealed in Your knowledge; with a blessing which You and he (Muhammad) are content with and which causes contentment towards us O Lord of the worlds.

        One of the teachers in Maiurno, Sudan, the principle of the secondary school, Shaykh Bashir ibn al-Qadi Ahmad ibn Qadi’l-Qudat Modibo Abdullahi ibn Bellel said in his Nubdhat’l-Lateefa l’l-Ikhwaan Fi Usuul ad-Dalaa’il Li Shaykh Uthman: “This particular blessing upon the Prophet is attributed to my master, the Sultan of the Awiliyya Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani. It is mentioned in the commentary upon the Dalaa’il: It is a blessing with which he would seal his hizb.”

        The sages differ regarding the spiritual reward of reciting the as-Salaat as-Sughra. It has been transmitted by as-Sakhawi that he said: “Some of the spiritual teachers who rely upon this supplication have said that each time it is recited that it is equivalent to ten thousand blessings upon the Prophet.”

        Shaykh al-Hamzawi al-`Adawi said: “Imam Muhy’d-Deen known as Junayd al-Yemeni, may Allah be pleased with him said: “Whoever supplicates with this particular prayer upon the prophet ten times in the morning and evening, then the greatest contentment of Allah will be made incumbent for him; he will be made safe from His wrath; mercy will come to him in an unbroken successive manner; he will attain Divine protection from all evils; and all his worldly affairs will be made easy for him.”

        Shaykh Yusef al-Nabhaani said: “Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani used to seal his hizb with this particular prayer upon the Prophet and that it was equivalent to ten thousand blessings upon the Prophet.”

        Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye` said: “This particular prayer upon the Prophet is equivalent to one hundred thousand blessings, and it is said that there is no end to its Divine Rewards.”

        • After the as-Salaat as-Sughra, Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani makes a supplication which is is specific in its call for destruction against those who seek to harm, oppress, or create tribulation against Muslims.

          He said:

          “O Allah by the power of the omnipotence of Your ability to vanquish; by the speed by which You answer the plea of those You assist; by Your jealousy with which You guard Your sanctity; by Your Divine protection which You grant to those who seek the protection of Your Qur’anic verses –O Hearer, O Near, O Answerer, O Instantaneous, O Avenger, O Severe in devastation, O Intense in seizing, O He who is not made impotent by the subjugation of the tyrants, and is not overwhelmed with the destruction of the mutinous rebels from among the fractured kingdoms; I ask that You place the conspiracies of he who conspires against us at his own throat! Make the plots of he who plots against us turn upon him! Make the hole which he digs for us to be a hole that he himself falls in! And whoever develops a web of deception against us, O my Master make him gravitate towards it, be snared by it, and imprisoned by means of it!”

          This supplication by the master and Sultan of the awliyya is in no way some ‘cumbaya my lord’, ‘we love everbody’, ‘turn the other cheek’ kind of prayer. This supplication is the kind of supplication that if the field slave had it during the slave period of the America, the union would have long been destroyed. it is explicit in its call for the conspiracies, the plots, the holes and webs of deception developed by the enemies of Islam and its people that they too fall into those same conspiracies, plots, holes and webs of deception.

          • After making a general supplication against the enemies of Allah and His people, Shaykh Abd\l-Qaadir then evokes what can only be described as a spiritual smart bomb or an Angelically guided ballistic missile. He said:

            “O Allah by the truth of Kaaf Haa Yaa `Ayn Saad, suffice us against our enemies, and encounter them with destructive viruses and disease and take a sacrifice from every group among them! Subjugate them with an acceleration of Your vengeance this day and tomorrow!”

            What therefore is Kaaf Haa Yaa `Ayn Saad?

            They are the five disconnected mystical letters which open the Quranic chapter called Maryum, upon her be peace. Imam As-Sha`bi said: “Allah has in every Divine scripture secrets, and the secrets of the Qur’an are in the letters which open the Qur’an.”

            Ibn `Azeez al-Qushayri mentioned on the authority of Ibn Abass that he said regarding the letters Kaaf Ha Yaa `Ayn Saad: “The letter kaaf is from His sufficiency. The letter haa is from His guidance. The letter yaa is from His wisdom. The letter `ayn is from His knowledge. The letter saad is from His truthfulness.”

            This means as Imam at-Tha`alibi mentioned on the authority of al-Kalbi, as-Sadi, Mujaahid and ad-Duhaak: His sufficiency for His creatures; His guidance to His servants; His Hand being above their hands and His knowledge of them; and the truthfulness in fulfilling His promise.

            Imam Al-Kalbi also said: “The letter kaaf is from His generosity, immensity and sufficiency. The letter haa is from His guidance. The letter yaa is from His mercy. The letter `ayn is from His knowledge and might. The letter saad is from His truthfulness.”

            It has been related on the authority of Ibn Abass also that he said: “These letters are a Divine Name from the Names of Allah ta`ala.”

            Al-Ghaznawi related on the authority of Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him that he said: “Kaaf Haa Yaa `Ayn Saad is a Divine Name of Allah azza wa jalla.” And he used to always supplicate saying: “O Kaaf Haa Yaa `Ayn Saad forgive me.”

            As-Sadi said: “It is one of the Greatest Divine Names of Allah, that when you ask by means of It, it is granted, and when you supplicate by means of It it is answered.”

            After evoking the five letters which comprise Allah’s Greatest Hidden Names, Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylaani then calls for perstilence, viruses, bacteria and disease the impact every sector of the society of the enemies of Allah and His people. He then makes a supplication that is extremely detailed in its call for minute destruction upon Allah’s enemies:

            “O Allah scatter and disperse their unity, divide their assemblies and decrease their boundaries! O Allah make a encircling square (daa’ira) around them! O Allah send down Divine punishment upon them! O Allah remove them from the circle of Your tolerance and seize even the hope of respite from them, shackle their hands, lock up their hearts and do not let their hopes be realized! O Allah tear them to shreds with every type of disruption with which You gave victory to Your awliyya, Prophets and Messengers! O Allah assist us with the Divine assistance You give to Your loved ones against Your enemies! O Allah do not let our enemies become established among us, and do not let them subjugate us as a result of our sins!”

            This is the REAL supplication of the oppressed!

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