Fresh Blossom Regarding Tawheed

An-Nadham al-Bar`uuma Ila Ibnati Mo’inna Fatuuma 

(The Poetic Fresh Blossom for My Daughter Mo’inna Fatuuma) is a poem or qaseeda that I composed for my beloved daughter Fatuuma Mo’inna bint Muhammad Shareef in order to teach her the science of tawheed.

The science ofTawheed is the first of the science which it is obligatory for parents to transmit to their children, as well as fundamental science to be transmitted to new Muslims. It is for this reason I felt it important to also share with the readers, that perhaps some of you can also learn this essential science in a way that is both easy and enjoyable, and that is through poetic metre.

 I made the number of its verses as emblematic in order to convey the basic fundamentals of the science of Tawheed, also called Usuul ad-Deen (the Foundation of the Religion). I also used the poem as a means of making supplication for my daughter, because the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace said that the supplication of the parents for their children is an accepted supplication (da`awa mustajaaba).

The first part of the poem deals with what is necessary (WAAJIB) with regard to Allah ta`ala, what is impossible (MUSTAHEEL) to Him and what is permissible (JAA’IZ) with regard His rights. This section of the poem deals with that issue of TAWHEED called ILAAHIYAAT (regarding Divinity).

Then the poem makes a shift to discuss what is necessary for the Prophets, and Messengers, upon them be blessings and peace, what is impossible to them, and what is permissible for them from non-essential human qualities. This second part deals with that section of TAWHEED called NABAWIYAAT (regarding prophethood).

Finally the poem ends with discussing that third part of TAWHEED which is called SAM`IYAAT (regarding the After-Life), which includes the news given to us by the Prophets and Messengers regarding death and what comes after it, as well as the Signs of the End of Time.

When a person dies there are only three things that remain that can bring them benefit as narrated in the prophetic traditions: [1] knowledge which benefits others, [2] an ongoing charitable deed and [3] a righteous child that supplicates for them.

I ask Allah that this poem be beneficial knowledge for her, and that it be for her like an ongoing charitable deed, and that what openings she gains from it that it cause her to make sincere supplications for me and her mother, until the Day we meet again at the Lifting of the Great Veil from the Face of the Lord, the Beautiful the Majestic.”


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