The Foundations of Sainthood

hatumere_wildI say and success is with Allah – realize my brother that the foundations of sainthood and its prerequisites are built upon: [1] adherence to the Book and the Sunna; [2] avoiding passions and heretical innovation; [3] extolling the sanctity of the shaykhs; [4] envisioning the non-existence of creation; [5] persistence in the litanies; and [6] avoiding immoderation.

Abu’l-Qaasim al-Junayd, may Allah be pleased with him said:

“All the paths (turuq) are closed except following the footprints of the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.”

Sahl ibn Abdullahi, may Allah be pleased with him said:

“Our foundations are six things: [1] the Book of Allah and the Sunna of His Messenger; [2] consuming what is permissible (halaal); [3] preventing harm; [4] avoiding sins; [5] repentance; and [6] fulfilling rights.”

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