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17falak16Shaykh Ahmadu Baba’s full name was Ahmadu ibn Ahmad ibn Ahmad ibn Umar ibn Muhammad Aqit at-Tinbukti as-Sanhaji al-Massini at-Takruri as-Sudani al-Maliki. He was born on the 21th of Dhu’l-Hijjah in the year 963 A.H., (the 26th ofOctober, 1556) in the famous city of Tinbuktu, which was at that time the literary and cultural center of Islamic-Africa. He was reared in a house of learning and piety. In the Fat’h as-Shakuur of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr as-Siddiq al-Walati he said:

“The name ‘Muhammad’ formed a birthmark on the upper part of his right arm in white markings.”

This birthmark is significant because it establishes the predetermined spiritual station of the Shaykh and accomplishments he would achieve throughout his life, in calling people to the love of Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace and annihilation in the Primordial Lights of Muhammad, by means of sending blessings and salutations upon him.

Shaykh Abd’r-Rahman as-Sa`di said about him in his Tarikh as-Sudan:

“He was the jurist, the learned scholar, the unique of his age, the matchless one of his time, proficient in every variety of sciences Abu’l-Abbas Ahmadu Baba the son of the jurist Ahmad ibn al-Hajj Ahmad ibn Umar ibn Muhammad Aqit. He was earnest and strenuous from the beginning of his affair in the service of knowledge until he outstripped all of his contemporaries and surpassed them exceedingly. No one vied with him in knowledge except his shaykhs, who testified to his eminence in all the sciences. His affair became renowned in the West and his reputation spread throughout the regions. The scholars of diverse quarters surrendered to him regarding legal decisions.

From the introduction to Ad-Durr’n-Nadeer (The Golden Pearls)

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