Lost & Found Children of Ibrahim

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image011The Turudbe’ Fulbe’ have been the purveyors of social reform and the creators of kingdoms in the Bilad‘s-Sudan, for more than 9 centuries; and what we mean by the bilad’s-sudan, are those lands that lie between the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea, and what is between the beginning of the Sahel savannah lands below the Sahara until the beginning of the tropical forest. However the origin of this Fulbe’ clan have been cast in a veil of mystery mainly due to the diverse opinions among ancient and contemporary scholars concerning them.

Furthermore, the various names given to these people do nothing to remove this enigma. For example: Takrur, Tukulor, Turunkawa, and Turudbe’ (sing. Turuudi), are all names referring to one people.

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  1. Congrats for coming up with this institute. It would sure enrich readers and the world through history of Africa. An alternative history to colonial historioghy.
    May i suggest you provide email address to reach you. We do expect newsletter as soon as possible.
    May i suggest you allow interested minds to enroll for membership in this institute.
    Insha Allah,it will break the ice.
    Elharun Muhammad

  2. As salam walaikum
    Shaykh Muhammad, I believe we met during the pilgrimage to the grave of Imam Malcolm X. I wanted to get into contact with you but I don’t think I have your email.

  3. Asalamu alaikum. Shaykh Muhammad. The transatlantic slave trade went on from the 1500’s to pretty much the 1900’s in some countries like brazil. How do you think the Biblical verse of Abraham’s seed being in a strange land for 400 years serving them applies to the African Diaspora? And has any of your Shaykh’s commented on this? I will really love to hear the take of the African Muslim scholars.

    • wa alaykum as salaam wa rahma that is exactly what i talk about in the work: The Lost and Found Children of Abraham. I utilize seminal Arabic sources. Download it and read it and learn how certain aspects of the African ethnicities recgnnized the prophecy of Abraham’s seed in the Diasporan Africans.

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