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Epistemology of the Minhaj

14falak3The valiant Amir al-Hajj Tahir Abdallah ordered me to put together for him and the Jama`at of Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye`, a methodology of beneficial education regarding the sciences which are obligatory upon him and them to learn; and to innumerate for them the most important books of Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye`, as well as the Shuyuukh of his Jama`at which comprise these sciences.

After seeking istikhaara of Allah, I answered his request, mainly for four reasons;

  • The first being that I desired for myself and for him an immense correct course of action and general good from the Generous Lord.
  • Secondly, in order to abide by the order of the Amir, based upon his words, may Allah bless him and grant him peace:

“Whoever obeys me has obeyed Allah. Whoever disobeys me has disobeyed Allah. Whoever obeys my Amir has obeyed me. Whoever disobeys my Amir has disobeyed me.”

  • Third, in order to abstain from the severe threat that has been established in the firm prophetic tradition:

“Whoever is asked about some knowledge and then conceals it, Allah will bridle him with a bridle of fire.”

  • Finally, in order to be included among that group about whom he, may Allah bless him and grant him peace said:

“The most beloved action to Allah `azza wa jalla is causing genuine joy to enter into the heart of a Muslim.”

I have named it:The Assistance to the Valiant Amir Regarding A Methodology of Beneficial Education

It will be of benefit, if Allah wills to those who rely upon it from the members of the Jama`at and the rest of the Muslims.

Shaykh Muhammad Shareef

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5 thoughts on “Islamic Education

  1. wa alaykum as salaam wa rahma

    Thank you Sidi for your kind words,please do not forget me in your sincere supplications. I am in Africa continuing the work I have always been doing with the help of Allah and the baraka of Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye`. Nothing has changed,except that one brother who came out of Solano,became renegade and has broke his oath with the Sultan.You knowhim,sohatever you doholdtoyour oath of allegiance and help desseminate the minhaj of the Shehu.

  2. As Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,
    Yaa Shaykh Muhammad, may Allah grant enormous increase in Imaan and Deen and may HE ta’ala grant you paradise.

    To continue, this is Aswad , the one from whom you freed from ignorance of deen, by Allahs permission, in Solano. I know that it has been a long time, but I must say that your presence and voice of conviction has never left my ears nor my heart. I am grateful to Allah for placing you as my guide ISLAM because I am one who can bear witness that you never lied, spied or tried to do those things which had been done by those who came before you.
    Yaa Shaykh, you us DEEN at the darkest part and points of our lives and for that I know ALLAH has favored you with great Rahmah and may you only increase in that. Ameen.

    I just wanted to let you know that I am still holding on and I ask Allah to grant you excellence in this life and in the next and may you never touch or see the fire. Ameen.

    Barakallah fi,

    Aswad Farajullah Mahmud
    8 Dhul Hijjah 1437

  3. salamu alikum sidi Umar Muhammad Shareef bin Farid.Can you give me some more info on the jama’ah and tariqah info and the masters.I read what you have posted and downloaded the silsahah of Shehu.JazakumAllah Yaa Shaykh

    • wa alaykum as salaam wa rahma

      Just a small correction, my name is Muhammad Shareef the son of Farid Shareef. My kunya is Abu Alfa Umar, which means the father of Alfa Umar, the eldest of my sons. I am not sure what more I can say than what has been posted here on the site. I would suggest reading my introduction to the Ihya’s-Sunna wa Ikhmad l-Bida` for more details about the Shehu, his jama`at and spiritual methodology. For more information about the Jama`at of Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye` in the US, I would suggest reading the Decisive Solution.

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