The Abundant Downpour

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This is an abridgment of the Ghayth’l-Wable of Sultan Muhmmad Bello that encompasses the rights of the ruler (as-Sultan) upon the subjects (ar-ra`iya), such as obedience to him and giving sincere advice to him.

It also comprises what is obligatory upon him with regard to the subjects like –

  • Protecting the territories of Islam (baydat’l-islam);
  • Defending the people of Iman;
  • Preserving the religion;
  • Establishing the ceremonial rites of Islam;
  • Rendering the decisions for the judiciary;
  • Collecting the zakat; formulating of the public treasury;
  • Expending it in its proper dispensation of the shari`a;
  • Establishing the punitive punishments of the shari`a;
  • Examining the good deeds for the benefit of common citizenry;
  • Establishing the jihad;
  • Instituting the spoils of war (al-ghana’im) and extracting the fifth (al-khums);
  • Justice and equity in his government.

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