Islamic Slave Revolts of Bahia Brazil

Resistance to Cultural Aggression

19tafa3Resistance, revolt, and eventual social transformation is born out of an oppressed peoples awareness of themselves and the knowledge that their `collective soul’ is under attack by their oppressors.  To the degree that this cultural cohesiveness persists determines the degree to which the oppressed group will go in order to assure its survival.

It is knowledge of one’s authentic culture, religion, and social status that germinates the desire for resistance in the face of cultural aggression.  However, when the historical conscience and culture of an oppressed group have been erased and destroyed, it determines the manner in which they will resist or if they will opt for resistance at all.

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3 thoughts on “Islamic Slave Revolts of Bahia Brazil

  1. Good morning Sir!

    I’m pleased to ask some few questions/observations if you wouldn’t bother to respond.

    1. But Sir I was wondering how do you get into the minds of non-Muslim African-Americans to believing that they were at one time, the “recruits” of few Muslim ideologues, who initiated Islamic Revolt in Bahia? How could they be able to assume, or get persuaded that they were the embers set to lit the flames of such a revolt right at the kick start?

    2. Secondly, Sir, how could this paper prevent someone like me from the suspicion that our Western trained scholars/academics especially on the intellectual history of Islam are, consciously or unconsciously set in the burner of CIA Mission, especially considering the fact that most of them have the sweetest desire to work there!?

    I asked the above questions from what I thought out of your paragraph(s) as follows:

    “I realized, then, and more so now, that there was and is a clear relationship between western academics and their government intelligence agencies, especially when it comes to OUR Islamic historical legacy.‎”

    “… more significantly, I noticed the consternation that this area of research created in the minds of those intellectuals who guard and protect America’s historical consciousness. ‎”

    And finally, I ask for your permission to copy it as a Word and share to colleagues and academics alike. Thank you Sir!

  2. Alhamdulillah, I am a Tau Sug from Lupah sug (Land of the Current), Sulu Archipelago, a Muslim dominated region of Southern Philippines. I am on research with interest in Muslim history before the colonization. Upon reading your research paper just a portion of it in the introduction I decided to write my comments. Allah knows best how extremely happy I am when I come across with your web site. Thanks so much my brother in Islam.

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