Glad Tidings to the Community of Ahmad

alamaat mutaabieen as-sunna arabicThis concise but comprehensive text by my master the Imam of the Awliyya Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye` which he appropriately named ‘Glad Tidings to the Community of Ahmad Regarding the Outstanding Virtues of the Qaadiriyya’; is about our master the Sultan of the Awliyya Shaykh Muhy’d-Deen Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani.

This abridgment is, to say the least, on time, because it transcends time and has direct implications for our times. The Shehu composed the text at the age of 40 just before he attained the first of two spiritual openings which actually determined his fate and the fate of the entire region of the Bilad as-Sudan.

In the beginning of the year of 1209 A.H. (1794 C.E.) the Shehu composed a series of Fulfulde` poems making tawassul (intermediacy) with Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir al-Jaylani, may Allah be pleased with him as a form of spiritual preparation for the momentous spiritual openings which would follow. Although between the Shehu and Shaykh Abd’l-Qaadir there existed some 700 years, the Shehu’s written prose, Arabic and Fulfulde` poetry demonstrates that there was a direct relationship between the two which transcended time.

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