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Shaykh Dan Tafa’s Teachers

study_of_ayat_al_kursiAQI have made this small paper as a supplement regarding the later of the scholars of these lands of ours based upon what the author of the Infaq mentioned from among the children of the Shehu and others; which would act as a completion to the advantage which he already reported.

Perhaps I will mention in it some of what he mentioned but adding to the descriptions and biographies he gave, making them clearer and more complete. And with Allah is the success in arriving at what is correct.

For I say: among them was Shaykh Muhammad Sanbu who was mentioned briefly in the Infaq where he said:

“Among those necessary to mention from the children of the Shehu, was Muhammad Sanbu. He is an erudite scholar who has successfully joined together the sciences of the shari`a and the haqeeqa.”

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