Mausuufat As-Sudan

Description of the Blacklands

20tafa4When Allah desired to give victory to the religion He gave His assistance to the trustworthy gnostic The light of the age, the one who gave nobility to Islam The reformer of the religion, the father of noble ones The Shaykh of all the shuyuukh, Master of the masters The reviver of guidance, the possessor of the war banners He was our Imam and our spiritual guiding model The succor of sciences, the axis of direct experiential knowledge of Allah He was the reliance of the spiritual traveler and the novices He established them against all forms of the trials of the rejected one
I will inform what you used to be informed about From the news of the Shehu, yes, and his coalition For he began by commanding the good and forbidding evil and reprehensible traditions.

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  1. The Mausufat as-Sudan was actually originally produced in Fulfulde and Hausa by the daughter of the Shehu, Nana Asmau, may Allah be pleased with her. Shaykh Dan Tafa took her work Arabized it and added information which Nana Asmau left out. As Dr. Beverly Mack pointed out in many of her seminal works, this was the kind of scholarly collaboration which existed between the Fudiawa; where one of them would produce a work in ajami and another Arabize the work. This was one of those collaborative efforts between an aunt and her nephew which allowed the erudition and epistemology of the Fudiawa to persist.

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