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The cover design is a study on the cultural unity of Islamic, Sino, African and Hebraic traditions; in the form of eight-trigram/five element hatumere. By Shaykh Muhammad Shareef

The cover design is a study on the cultural unity of Islamic, Sino, African and Hebraic traditions; in the form of eight trigram five element hatumere. By Shaykh Muhammad ShareeFrom The Introduction

The increasing frequency of newspaper headlines denoting minority/majority conflicts within nation-states as threats to international peace, national development, and healthy relations among nations, is a convincing sign that the problems of national minorities in small and large states demand urgent attention.

Many of these conflicts were initially instigated by European nations and the United States in their race to colonize the people of the non-European world.2 While many European nations and the United States were involved in the colonization of Asia, Africa, Central and South America; in addition, the United States, through the systematic use of racism and discrimination, created an almost impenetrable form of domestic colonialism based primarily on racial, rather than geographical boundary lines.

The decades of the 1940’s through the 1960’s saw the successful overthrow of direct colonialism in Africa and Asia by charismatic liberation armies and movements. Nevertheless, after ‘independence’ the former colonialist of Europe and the United States developed a new type of colonialism in the Third World – called `the take away’. This entailed the denuding and theft of billions of dollars of Africa and Asia’s natural resources, making Europe and America rich and the poor South even more destitute.

Putting aside, for now, the horrors of the United States imperialism in the Pacific and the Caribbean islands; the domestic colonialism and internal imperialism practiced was more incipient than any form of oppression because it had successfully stripped its victims of their volition and the very `will’ for freedom.

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8 thoughts on “The Decisive Solution

  1. Congratulations on the successful 20th year anniversary of the Million Man March! The Justice or Else coalition, the Black Lives Matter and all the organizations, congregations, jama`ats and individuals have made a decisive statement to the US regime and the world. It is time for us to take our case to be looked at by the United Nations and the world community. Last night, I had an important meeting with an African diplomat who strongly asserted the need for African nations to see their future development tied in completely in with the Africans of the Diaspora of the US, Canada, the Carribean, Central and South America. The African diplomat asserted that he would do everything to see to it that all legislative, judicial and executive powers in his country be activated to pull the power of the Africans of the Diaspora into the future development of his country. I highly recommend organizations such as the NOI which have offices in Ghana to encourage the Ghanaian government to support the just demands of African Americans on the floor of the United Nations!

    • As salaam u alaikum. I must say that being at the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March and hearing what was demanded is a time of need for the human family. Living in these times of universal injustice only makes me feel as though Imam Al-Maghdi is at our doors. This event revolutionized many people and I already see the work being done in my city. Now sheikh, I have a question, why are so many people against this brother ( Louis Farrakhan). As a muslim here in the west I only see this man on the front line for our people. Although I take nothing away from other people yet when it comes to our people I see this man step up to the plate. Why the hate?

      • As a nation or as a national minority, we have to view all our leaders with the same maturity that Anglo American’s view their leaders. Min Louis Farakhan has been a recognized leader of a large segment of the African American national minority since the year I was born in 1959; and we have to be politically mature enough to acknowledge that. His recognition as one of our genuine leaders has been openly acknowledged by the leaders and governments of many foreign states. Political maturity means that you first recognize yourself, your culture, your spirituality and then recognize others. Recognition in international law has political implications because it defines and delineates the ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural distinction of every people; and demands that this recognition be defined in law, education and social mores. These then require the implementation of special measures designed to maintain these diverse distinctions. As a people we have to be mature enough to see the national utility of benefitting from all sectors of our societies; regardless of our linguistic, religious or sectarian differences.
        Min Farakhan was the leading voice and representative of a Black Muslim organization that had prosperous business ventures in all the major cities of the United States. They were doing international trade, using their own nationally owned jets, conducting commerce with Japan, South Korea, Peru and Morocco. More importantly, they were creating jobs and employment in segments of the American population that were the most under employed = the Black Belt.
        Min. Farakhan became the international voice for a religious and business organization that was operating competently enough to gain interest free loans from sovereign states; and honored these international loans by having them paid back on time.
        If we define the American dream as being able to pick yourself up by your own shoelaces; and then work diligently to be financially independent; then the Nation of Islam during the early to mid 70s was the American Dream realized in a Black context. At that vital time, the most consistent, and ecclesiastical voice of the NOI, and indeed a large segment of the African American national minority, was that of Min Louis Farakhan.
        The problem with the African American, which is the same problem of the African globally; and I would add, has been what the Arabic defines as ‘ifaa’ (an innate destructive quality unique to that people) – has been the worship and deification of our leaders. It goes back to our rule in Ancient Kemit, and since then we havent been able to get it right.
        Today, Min Farakhan is one of many vital leaders and representatives of the African American national minority or nation. He is as vital to the Diasporan Africa communities; as Andrew Jackson or Theodore Roosevelt was to the American enterprise.
        BUT, I can say that, and do, for every legitimate African American leader that represents any segment or element of our ethnicity, our linguistics, our spirituality, our literary, our artistic, economic and political life.

      • As for the imminence of al-Mahdi; you may well be right. But, I believe it is going to get worse, darker until the human project is completely imperaled and those who believe that we are animals or worse and must live by our basic instincts; will nearly prevail. It is then that al-Mahdi will appear; followed by the paranormal period of Dajjal; then the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary will descend, rescind magic and be an equitable judge. Until then, I am afraid the people of Allah will come under dire constriction and persecution. It reminds of that song by the Last Poets called Be Yond Er.

        • Here are the lyrics…
          I transcribed it from the Last Poet’s BeYonDer. The song is divided into thre parts The first part Be follows:

          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          Spring came but it was’nt the same
          all the animals could sense something was wrong
          …there had been drought and then a flood
          and the floors didnt bud…
          and the ground hog shadow was too long!
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          The winter had caused
          deep within the land
          Leaving the earth barren and bare
          The soik coulkd no longer yield
          the vast stae of the fields
          it had yielded in the previous years!
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          A strange sky hung over head
          tinted of copper crimson red
          streaked with jagged shades of black
          the horizon seemed to absorb it
          suspending the sun from its orbit
          while from the ground
          it appeared to be cracked!
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          Dense blankets of smog
          hovered over each city like fog
          Making the clouds appear dull and grey
          None of the birds had returned
          from their winter sourjourn
          to welcome the strange spring day
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          The fixed stars and constelation
          had amored from their fixations
          and altered their shapes and course
          Time stood still
          Motion was nill
          …and mankind was at a loss!
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          Each month had grown shorter
          by the lunar quarter
          and the rain no longer fell
          The moon’s pull became stronger
          as the nights grew longer
          …and the days seemed like hell!
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          The world was in a perpetual state of roar
          and had lost track of the score
          in the struggle between the weak and the strong
          the conflict had been intense
          and filled with its gross violence
          with the righteous in the opposition to the wrong!
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          There was rapings and looting
          violence and shootings
          …til the blood ran red in the streets
          discord and strife had become a way of life
          and each episode was all repeats!
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          Soon the distant grumbling
          of mountains crumbling
          could be heard from miles around
          and the splitting of turf
          caused by cracks in the earth
          made a deafening roaring sound!
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          Then the seas began to boil
          and thrash about in turmoil
          flooding all the surrounding terrain
          this caused the poles to shift
          and set icebergs adrift
          blockading world shipping lanes!
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          Volcanic eruption
          then belched forth destruction
          and wild animals fled in fright
          tropical islands split bit by bit
          and desserts froze over night
          Forest fires blazed
          and cities were razed
          earthquakes cyclones and hail
          tidal waves and typhoons
          accompanying flash flooding monsoons
          along with hurricanes tornadoes and gales
          Fish by the score
          was washed upon the shores
          and was scorched as they lay in the sand
          and all the insects had gathered
          as if nothing else mattered
          and began to ravage the land
          Rats ran in packs
          staging raids and attacks
          upon anything eatable they could find
          panic and hysteria
          spread along with plague and bacteria
          to unleash an epidemic upon mankind!
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          Corpses piled high
          beneath the copper crimson sky
          till the stench rose above the clouds
          a scavenger feast
          upon the remains of the deceased
          were enacted by the starved crazed crowd!
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          Men staggered about as if drunk
          with their minds defunct
          while their women swoon and swayed
          sinners lamented,
          hypocrites repented
          and a handful of the righteous prayed
          First day, last night
          beginning of the End of the Twiglight flight

          Reality became distorted
          expecting mothers aborted
          and all the children’s hair turned to grey
          salt tasted sweet
          in the sweltering heat
          …and you couldn’t tell the night from the day

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