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My first acquaintance with the ‘Shehu’, as he was and is still affectionately referred to throughout Africa, was when I was eleven years old, in 1972. My elder brother, Willard (Walid) was assigned to do a book report on the excellent work of the life of the ‘Shehu’ called The Sword of Truth by Mervyn Hiskett. Before my brother could return the book to the Hartford Public Library, I had the opportunity to read it. To this day I, as a young African American boy, cannot accurately describe the profound effect which the person of Uthman Dan Fuduye’ had upon me.

The riots which ravaged the streets of Hartford, Connecticut a year earlier by the African and Hispanic communities was still etched upon my young memory. The Nation of Islam had just begun to  be recognized as the vanguard of the African American liberation struggle. My hero, Muhammad Ali, had returned to the fighting ring as a Muslim champion and had waylaid every challenger with the style and beauty of a mythic hero. It was a good time for me as a young African American boy who considered himself to be Muslim.

That winter reading of the Sword of Truth opened up my perspective and self image of the spiritual and political potential of the African Muslim which I have never lost. For this I am eternally grateful to Allah ta`ala for His primordial wisdom and mercy. I did not realize it then but this would be the first of a series of ordained encounters with the Shehu I would experience throughout my life. The most significant encounter between the Shehu and I was on his birthday, December 15, 1985.

I traveled to the town of Maiurno, located on the western bank of the Blue Nile. There I met my shaykh, the Imam Muhammad al-Amin ibn Adam Karagh. He initiated me in the turuq of Shehu Uthman Dan Fuduye’ which he took from his father, Shaykh Adam Karagh. He in turn took it from his teacher, Shaykh Musa, who took it from the Imam of the Sokoto mosque, Shaykh Ali ibn Abu Bakr. He took it from Shehu Uthman Dan Fuduye’. He instructed me in the methodology and system of the Shehu.

I read with him many of the works of the Shehu. He also gave me license (ijaaza) to transmit all Ahmad ibn Hanbal in his Musnad on the authority of al-Ash`ath ibn Qays, and at-Tabarani in his al-Kabir on the authority of Usama ibn Zayd on the authority of Abdallah ibn Mas`ud that I had learned from him. One of the first books he gave me to translate for our brothers in America was  the Ihya ‘s-Sunna wa Ikhmad ‘l-Bid`a.


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  1. Me and other brothers suing fbop for100% halal meals. We need help to find vendors or for those to emerge from among the traditional Sunnis

    We need your direct help in every way and as a liaison insha Allah . the suit is pretty trial
    Been going since 2014, in summary judgment phase. Few are known . that have your expertise. Please response asap. To me at
    Jazakallah khayrah wa salam

  2. As Salaamu Alaikum Muhammad Shareef

    in the Hadith of tawassul of Adam one of the variant readings Allahu Ta’ala to Allah if it had not been for him (Muhammad)(SAW) I would not have created you many ulama makes this statement and the statement that Allah would not have created the world if it was not for Muhammad) (SAW) can you elaborate on the meaning and the wisdom of this Hadith and related statement all praise are due to Allah I love you brother and I am glad that Allah freed you from detention for this I am grateful. since the last time I contacted you you I have been on a consolation hearing with the parole board. it is possible that they may be freeing me from prison the year 2021 2 days after my hearing I had a dream that I would with you in Africa. Glad Tidings! also Mohammed Toure was supposed to contact you regarding you going over some text with me I never got the result of that. Also I have having problems with sending you emails. may Allah bless my shake.

    -Abdullahi Talibu Muhammad Toure

  3. As salaamu alaikum brother imam. Masha Allah jazakullah khairu may Allahs barakats be bestowed upon you and ur family Sukhran for instilling knowledge of the deen within me this fire of knowledge our core roots islamic african studies. Had the pleasure to partake and learn from ur guidance since 1996 u taught pearls of wisdom to me as a young reverted mumin. The fire continues to grow .now inbox me at antoine or contact 3236674924 Ss salaamu alaikum

    • The term ‘AmeriKKKa’ is a catch all term which defines the systemic, historical and engrained disease of white supremacy in America. I first came upon the term when reading the writings of the members of the Republic of New Afrika, such as Chokwe Lamumba, Sundiata Acoli, Mutulu Shukur, Jihad Abd’l-Mumit, Sekou Odinga, Abu Bakr Obadeli and many others. The term AmeriKKKa is term people use to describe America at its worst; like when you are forced to acknowledge that another African America is a ‘negro’ or a ‘niggah’ based upon his character. The term AmeriKKKa defines America when it falls under the sway of white chauvanism, white priviledge and white supremacy. Unfortunately America has been AmeriKKKa for far more years than it has been an America; thus the term sticks; esecially now when the KKK, the neo Nazis, the Aryan Brotherhood and a host of other far right white nationalist extremist groups openlly endorsed the president elect TRUMP. With increased racial, ethnic and religious violence being pushed by the majority of the white population, I can rightly describe the U.S. today ACCURATELY as an AmeriKKKa. We have yet to see an America!

  4. Addullahi Fudi I’m in prison I had someone contact you before about your spiritual past
    And you referred them to and they were confused on how to work it .can you please explain how to use that website. Thank you
    Salaama alaykum. Contact me at email above

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