The Reassuring of the Community By Explaining the Ease of the Religion

Excerpt from issue six:

15orbitIf you were to say: What is obligatory for the responsible person to know and perform from the religion? The answer is as Abd’l-Wahaab as-Sha`raani said in his ad-Durari ‘l-Manthuura Fi Bayaan Zubud ‘l-`Uluum al-Mash’huura:

“Verily Allah has only made all of His servants responsible for what the shari`a  has explicitly established. And what the worshipping human and the dedicated believer means is that they behave in accordance with what is clear (sareehan) from the Book and the Sunna and not that which is drawn out through legal extraction (laa istinbaatan). This is because every thing extracted through legal reasoning is not apart of the infallible divine law (bi shar`i ma`suum) of Allah ta`ala.”


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