An Approach to the Study of Islamic Africa

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The fac20tafa4t that the relationship between Islam and Africa predates what we have come to know as Islamic history (hijria) demonstrates clearly that you cannot really discuss the history of Africa and Islam in a short brief. Additionally, in order to understand the present problems in Islamic Africa one is obligated to have a deep comprehension of its history.

No prognosis about Islamic Africa can be formulated about it except after understanding the cultural, spiritual, political and social factors that underpin its history. The fact is that Islam was the source of the emergence of the most enlightened period in African history and civilization. Under Islam, Africa produced an exhaustive, matchless, fresh and succulent civilization, able to unite diverse ethnicities while showing regard for the distinctive personalities of each.

Islam contributed to the civilization and development of Africa, and Africa contributed to the dissemination and preservation of Islam. This last statement is extremely important since HISTORY or events are the Self Disclosure of the Acts of Allah ta`ala in creation. In other words, the symbiotic relationship between Islam and Africa is not coincidental or accidental…

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