The Facilitation of Anticipated Hardships

image011Says the student of Allah and the Messenger Ahmad, the one hopeful of His contentment and acceptance Praising the One who favored us with the Qur’an, and with the Intercession and the month of Ramadaan, Sending blessings upon the generous and noble Muhammad the gateway of immense guidance and the family, and Companions, the possessors of the methodology As long as supplications are gathered and needs are fulfilled.
To continue:The objective in these words Is to please Allah and to please the Messenger;
I say: Sending blessings upon the best of humanity, Likewise making intermediary with name of the Qur’anic chapters O Allah, O Beneficent, O Most Merciful, O He who possesses full control of success and blessings, Send blessings and give peace upon Muhammad and his family, along with the praiseworthy, By the sanctity of the Immense al-Faatiha, and the chapter of the Noble al-Baqara.
To me be Forgiving, and to my parents, And the Muslims, and be accepting O Vast One, O King of Holiness, O Author of Peace, O Protector the Guardian, The All Knowing, Send blessings and peace in every moment eternally Upon the Leader of all the world’s leaders, Ahmad, And his family, and the Arabic speaking Companions By means of the chapters Aali `Imraan and an-Nisaai’ Free me forever from everything which Causes me evil, and give me protection and safety…

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