Majmu Yasheer

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15orbitThe Majmuu` Yasheer of Waziri Gidadu ibn Layma is a small notification of the ten praiseworthy characteristics of the Shehu; the three cloaks which the Shehu were given from Allah: [1] illuminated sainthood; [2] extensive knowledge; and [3] the government of khilafate.

He also mentions the four key characteristics of the genuine Jama`at of the Shehu, which distinguishes them from others. Finally he mentions the neighbors of the Shehu in Degel in the four directions from his house.  It is said that 3,333 awliyya are buried in Degel from the ancestors, colleagues, and children of the Shehu. Among those is the grave of his oldest son, the illuminated wali and erudite jurist, Muhammad Sa`d ibn Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye`.

Shaykh Muhammad Shareef

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