Jaji Nana Asmau

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The author of this text was Umm Abd’l-Qaadir, Asma’, the daughter of Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye’ Muhammad ibn Uthman ibn Saalih ibn Harun ibn Muhammad Ghurtu. Her mother was Maymuna, whose nickname was Muna, the daughter of the learned Muhammad Haaj ibn Ibrahim ibn Maani ibn Muhammad ibn Haaju bint Latti. The mother of this Maymuna was Inna Kabbu, the blood sister of Muhammad Fuduye’. The husband of Asma’ bint Shehu Uthman was the learned Wazir and Envoy Uthman Gidadu ibn Muhammad Laima.

She had four boys: Waziri Abd’l- Qaadir; Waziri Ahmad, Uthman and Muhammad Laima. Nana Asma’ was a polyglot haven mastered her mother tongue Fulfulde`, Hausa, Arabic and Tedmeket. Waziri al- Junaydu ibn Muhammad al-Bukhari said about his great-grandmother in his `Urf ar- Rayhaan: “She, may Allah be pleased with her, was a righteous sage, ascetic, erudite, fearfully aware and a giver of sound admonition.

She produced many works of counsel, and her non-Arabic poetic compositions were in-numerous. She also composed many songs in praise of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. She always remained persistent in commanding the good and forbidding evil, and encouraging the people to follow the shar`ia, to adhere to the Sunnah, maintain the ties of kinship, and to adhere to excellent character. She, may Allah ta`ala be pleased with her had memorized the Quran, and was always extremely patient with the evils of people. She possessed sublime spiritual states. The bottom line is that her virtues were too in-numerous to count.”

The Awakening of the Heedless and Reminder to the Intelligent Regarding the Path to Paradise

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