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The Sankore’ Institute of Islamic-African Studies International (S.I.I.A.S.I) is a non-profit, non-political educational institution founded for the sole purpose of researching into the educational, political, cultural and religious heritage of Islamic Africa. The primary area of concern is that part of Black Africa traditionally known as the Bilad ‘s-Sudan (The Lands of the Blacks). These lands include all the regions located south of the Sahara desert and north of the tropical jungles, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea. The purpose of the S.I.I.A.S.I is to elucidate and evidence the Islamic traditions which were born out of African nations such as Takrur, Songhay, Mali, Ghana, Kanem-Bornu, Wodai, Fur, Funj, Sokoto, Segu, Massina and the Mahdist kingdom of the Nile valley.  More>


Arabs Chiefs Meeting

فَبِمَا رَحْمَةٍ مِنَ اللهِ لِنْتَ لَهُمْ ۖ وَلَوْ كُنْتَ فَظًّا غَلِيظَ الْقَلْبِ لَانْفَضُّوا مِنْ حَوْلِكَ ۖ فَاعْفُ عَنْهُمْ وَاسْتَغْفِرْ لَهُمْ وَشَاوِرْهُمْ فِي الْأَمْرِ ۖ فَإِذَا عَزَمْتَ فَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى اللهِ ۚ إِنَّ اللهَ يُحِبُّ الْمُتَوَكِّلِينَ And it is by the great mercy of ALLAH that you are kind towards them, and if you were rough and hard-hearted, they would surely have dispersed from around you. So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them, and consult them in matters of administration; and when you  are resolved, then put your trust in ALLAH. Surely, ALLAH loves those who put their trust in HIM. 3:159

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Ta’Leem Al-Anaam                                         Umar Ibn Said

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This is a (Cropped) digitized copy of a page from the hand writtten manuscript  Ta’Leem’l An’aam of Shaykh Abdullahi Ibn Fuduye’, our team has translated this text for your benefit in several languages. Download the text and make dua for the brothers and sisters working hard to provide access to the writings of our ancestors, and benefit for the pleasure of Allah.


Alfa Umar Ibn Said SIIASI is honored to provide you with his translated autobiography click the image to be connected to his page. Thanks!

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  1. Ibn Umar at-Tikari says:

    Safar 1437
    in the name Allah al Hakeem


    Allah tabaraka wa ta’ala says

    in Surah al-Jumu’ah: (10)

    ‘and seek from the bounty of Allah, and remember Allah often that you may succeed.’

    In the Tariq’l-Jannah written by Shehu Uthman (May Allah bless him with what be deserving) in the Chapter titled,

    ‘The four Barriers Which Preoccupy One from Worship of Allah and the Four Traits Which Suffice Them’

    Taking the First Barrier (at-Tawakkil) I go to the fourth paragraph Where the Shehu Imposes one possible question and gives the answer:

    ‘If you were to say: This means of subsistence which has been guaranteed has causative factors. Is it necessary for us to seek after the causative factors of the means of subsistence?

    He responded to his own question:

    ‘Verily Allah ta’ala has ‘guaranteed’ for us our means of subsistence without the ‘precondition’ of our seeking after it or earning it. It has been clarified to you that ‘seeking’ after means of subsistence and its causative factors is ‘not’ a necessary


    How does seeking after the means of subsistence impose me to not possess any preconditions towards my seeking, nor be my seeking necessary altogether like the Shehu says above, concurrent with Allah’s instructing me to ‘SEEK’ from his very ‘bounties?’


    Would you please give one deeper explanation from the phrase ‘means of subsistence’ ?

    Jazakarla Khair

    • When the Shehu, may Allah engulf him in his mercy, says: “‘Verily Allah ta’ala has ‘guaranteed’ for us our means of subsistence without the ‘precondition’ of our seeking after it or earning it. It has been clarified to you that ‘seeking’ after means of subsistence and its causative factors is ‘not’ a necessary
      It means that everything you eat, drink, wear, ride or own has already been decreed for you and written for you in a clear book. It does not matter whether you actively seek after it or passively seek after it; it will reach you because it is your rizq which Allah provided for you before you were born. You therefore have to be careful how you go after it. It is your inner state which Allah ta`ala looks at. Are you frustrated, apprehensive, and anxious over something that has already been decreed for you? If so then your frustration, apprehension and anxiety is not with your rizq (which was written for you); but with One who provided it. Therefore, your attitude regarding your provision has to be the same as your attitude towards Allah ta`ala. Be content with Allah, be patient with Him and do not remonstrate with Allah over something that will defintely reach you.
      It is for this reason that the mutawakkilun (the masters of reliance upon Allah); do not seek after their provision because they know that it will reach them how and when Allah ta`ala decress it. Allah ta`ala says about the mutawakkilun, “niether fear or sadness afflict them”, because their hopes are not in the daily provision, wealth, food, drink, clothing or dwellings that have been decreed for them. Their hopes are in the One who provides provision. Their spiritual states are always between two: either patience (sabr) with constricted and limited provisions; or gratitude (shukr) for expansive and abundant provision. In either case they have garnered what it is they realy desire which is the love of the Beloved. Allah ta`ala says: “verily He loves those who are patient”; and again He says: “verily Allah loves those who are grateful.”
      There are however, matters which may hold back your provision, wealth and abundance, which has been decreed for you. The Shehu, as well as Shaykh Abdullahi in their prose and poetry, have cited that among the things that constrict wealth and prevent what has been decreed from reaching you are: [1] being persistent in sin; [2] remaining in a state of major impurities (janaaba) for no reason; [3] eating while in a state of major impurities (janaaba); [4] sleeping between the times fajr prayer and sunrise; or [5] postponing performing the prayer on time without a valid reason. These four matters (and there are others) which actually delimit your provision and holds it back from reaching you.

      I pray that I have answered your question.

      • Ibn Umar at-Tikari says:

        as-Saalamu Alaykum Wa Barakatu

        Jazakarla Khair, such profound explanation. Living in such one capitalistic society where you grow up generation after generation being told that the man must work, and be a provider. And then reading something like this where the spiritual master of this family (ja’maah) say’s on the contrary. And even bolder saying seeking after imposes no necessity. How does a young black male like myself and other young black males like my self encompass such words. I hope you could understand this understanding living in such a time. Most women won’t even marry a brother without means to support, and even Allah orders the man to feed her etc.

        This much have been extreme ‘inner’ states to just not seek something and the something will come. Quite astonishing. May Allah grant me the understanding to this understanding and all those who seek to understand such divine science…


  2. Ibn Umar at-Tikari says:

    as-Saalamu Alaykum Wa Barakatu

    in the beginning commentary from the ‘signs of the end times’ you mention other books related to the science of eschatology written by our Shehu Uthman (may Allah bless him and grant him peace)

    May you please post them?

  3. Ibn Umar at-Tikari says:

    as-Saalamu Alaykum wa barakatu,

    I desire to understand the correct procession to his litany delineated by Shehu Uthman In his ad-Daala’il. In the introduction I cite the words form the author Abu Alpha,

    ‘The one who takes the ad-Dalaa’il as a daily litany will no doubt attain what Shehu Uthman attained.’

    Understanding this book contains 20 gathered litanies and in the commentary list the many times one seeker should recite each litany.

    How many litanies do I recite daily? One, two, or all twenty daily?
    With regards to the beginner, novice, intermediate, and expert?

    Jazakarala Khair

  4. Presently a horrible hostage situation exist in Bamako where muharibi terrorist are holding African and foreign nationals in the Radison Hotel. We ask Allah ta`ala to assist the Malian authorities to free all the hostages and put an end to this seige. What we know so far is that the criminals are a part of the al-Mourabitoun faction of alqaeda. I am asking all our visitors at SIIASI to make sincere supplication to Allah ta`ala that He will protect the Malian authorities, free the hostages and bring the criminal terrorist to justice.

  5. Dear SIIASI visitors, I as the founding director of this institute stand in supporting grief with the people of Paris against the horribile, cowardly and inhumane acts committed by Daesh, this evening. To wantonly attack and kill innocent men, women and children outside the arena of war while they socialize and dine is so far from the way of the warrior that it can only be thrown with lowest and most file of the animal kingdom! These murderers are not even human, let alone MUSLIM. But unfortuantely for the Muslims, Daesh has been able to successfully incite all nations with Muslim national minorities to make life imbearable for them. May Allah make the impending social strife asy for the Muslims the way He made the fire cool for our father, Abraham.
    My genuine condolences to the the people of Paris.

  6. I visit everyday some blogs and information sites to read content, however
    this website gives feature based articles.

  7. Abdullahi Fodiwa says:

    As-salaamu alaikum Shaykh Muhammad Al-Shareef,
    My name is Abdullahi Fodiwa. I am a student of your student, Imam Toure. I asked him for permission to contact you because I have taken the Qadiri tariqah through the golden chain and had a number of questions for you. My first question is, What are the foundations upon which the Qadiri tariqah is based? What is the method for spiritual training?
    I also wanted to know what attributes or characteristic separates the Qaadiriyya-Fudiawwa from the other Qadiri groups? In the introduction to the Ihya as-sunnah you thanked your teacher Shaykh Umar Ahmed Zaruuq of Maiurno for teaching you the eschatological history of teaching me that history?
    Last but not least is it possible for you to share one of the principle works of the Qaadiriyya as delianated by one of the Fudiawawa scholars? I already have in my possession “Glad Tidings of the Community of Ahmed” by Shehu Uthman Tariq’ul Jannah and “Showing Gratitude to the Benefactor” by Shaykh Dan Tafa. I also own a couple of Shaykh Abd-al Qadir Jaylani books such as “Fath ar-rabbani” and “Summary of Religious Knowledge”.
    May Allah reward you brother. Please forgive me for the bombardment of questions. I have been wanting to contact you for quite some time now. I desire to draw nearer to my lord and have been looking for instruction. May Allah shower his mercy and blessings upon you, the Sultan of Maivrno Al- Hajj Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad Tahir, the Fudiaww and the entire community of Muhammad. Ameen

    Abdullahi Fudiawwa

    • Sidi Abdullahi another work that you may not have which defines the Qaadiriyya as delineated by Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye`is the edited Arabic text called as-Salaasil’l-Qaadiriyya (The Qaadiri Chain).
      It can be read and downloaded from the following link:

      As for learning and taking instruction from me; I am in Afrika; but to study with me you will also have to learn and master a Jeoman martial arts quan along with one or more of the four classic weapons. We hope to be able to bring Grandmaster Mwallimu Bomani Abd’l-Hamid Magharibi, his son Hassani and other advanced students, such as Amir Kwame` to instruct students in the five element eight tri gram jeomen system.
      From the local guilds you will have to learn calligraphy and/or master the art of the book. It’s not going to be easy, but Allah willing you will be transformed. I cannot guarantee the transformation of your inner self (because that is your personal struggle); but I will guarantee your physical transformation. Then we can sit give and recieve the significant works of the Shehu and his jama`at. West Afrika is amazing to say the least with at least thirty major dynamic cities which act as driving engines for the region. So if you are really serious about studying with me, come back to Afrika for a nice vacation; spend time transforming yourself; come back Home through your own Gate of Return. Then go back to the US and teach all the people the way of Peace! …then perhaps the American people can complete that revolution that started way before 1776! Anyway …welcome!

  8. Che Rodriguez says:

    As salaamu alaykum,

    I see members of the Jamaat of the Shehu doing a hand shake, I question it and the brother stated that it’s sunna, I was wondering if there is any proof of this?

  9. Murid Taher ibn-Mohamed Taher. says:

    Asalamu Alaykum Sidi Shaykh. I am incorporating my business to launch the dawah and economic program in my locale. Another brother is starting a Musjid, and has his store. I’ve.informed Amir Rashad Al-amreeki … Im not sure if he’s contacted as of yet.
    Murid Taher Ibn-Mohamed El-Taher Abusafita.

    • When developing locale communities, especially corporate communities you have to look closely at the model of Imam Luqman (aka Kenneth Gamble) in his rehabilitation of entire areas of north Philadelphia. Another example to follow is Amir Ibrahim Snow in Pittsburgh who has been organizing their community to revitalize delabidated homes and buildings in north Pittsburgh. Whatever you do Sidi, do what the Messenger of Allah, said: “Help your endeavors with secrecy because every person with a blessing is envied.”

  10. I ask Allah ta`ala to look upon the people of Nigeria with His compassion, mercy and wellbeing, and organize and unite its people in the pursuit of justice, law and order and the quelling of corruption. As Africa becomes more united and intercontinental networks began to operate, Nigeria has the potential to be one of the five major organs which will operate and drive this dynamic continent. Nigerians collectively should began to look towards the east in the directions of India and China as models for future growth and development. Since the ending of European colonialism African nations have kept their gazes upon the European and western metropoles as models for development. Indeed, many leading African families benefited from this new form of colonialism where to this day African nations and people are still exploited and short of the private benefits gained by these ‘black diamonds’, are still the least developed of the nations of the world. If the models presented to us by western civilization have not benefited Africans, it is time that we began to look at other models or to perhaps re-examine our own models. Whenever a people awaken from slumber, they usually look ftowards the east for the rising of a new day. It is time that African people began to look closely at the economic, social and political developments of China and India, and to some extent, the nation of Malaysia; since these nations like those of Africa, experienced acute repression from foreign western powers; gained their independence, maintained to some extent a sense of non-allignment; but have been committed to defining themselves as the carriers and purveyors of sino and indo civilization. In this process, they have become global as a people and as an economic power, which are bouying up certain sinking segments of western capitalism. As a religious leader my view will always lean towards the inner meaning of these events and note the miraculous Actions of Allah behind them. We have a purely communist nation and a mostly polythiestic nation propping up the collapsing capitalist/monothiestic world. This should be an anomoly, because we were taught that capitalism was diametrically opposed to communism and that western concepts of monotheism exist in order to eradicate all forms of polythiesm. So since their order as they defined it has turned upside down; it is important for Africans now to relook at their own historical models and compare them with the emerging economies and societies of the far east. When you look at Africa as a federated union combined with the wealthy African communities of the diaspora following the same sino/indo trajectories in terms of education, agriculture, manufacturing, industry and technology; then you are looking at possibly the last great superpower – the African Continent. When we have this vision of African People as an enriched global network; then cueing up in lines for the most trivial of services becomes easy.

  11. Fateen Seifullah says:

    As salam alaykum Shaykh Muhammad, this is your brother in Las Vegas, you visited us several years ago. I would like to request some insights from you as it relates to Masjid Policy. If this is possible, please email me at the above.


    • wa alaykum as salaam wa rahma
      I recieved your email and I will answer as soonas I get a chance. School has begun in Africa so, I am quite busy teaching and preparing my students for their Cambridge examinations. However, I will say this, without mentioning any of the particulars of your original message; that every single act of disobedience or heretical innovation which Muslims in the US commit are symptoms of the original sin of residing in a state which openly advocates hatred for Islam and its people. In no other land on earth, besides other European states is the name of Prophet Muhammad more maligned and slandered than in the US. Muslims in the US are the direct targets of xenophobia and hatred. The US is the point guard in the war against islamic societies and people around the world. According to the consensus of the Quran, the Sunna and the consensus these facys make it prohibited for Muslims to reside in the US. I realize that Muslims in the US who have become accustomed to the dunya of the west will find what i have to say challenging and disturbing; but the problems that you all are facing and will have to face are the symptoms of the greater sin of residing in a land that does not love the honor of Islam or its people.

  12. Abe says:

    Thank you, I hav just beesn looking for info approximately this topic for a while and yours is the brst I have came upon so far.
    However, what in regards to the bottom line?Are you positive
    in rgards to the source?

  13. There have been many sound prophetic traditions transmitted regarding the veracity of the true dream (ruya’ saadiq) of a believer. In certain traditions, the true dream is determined to be a 45th part of prophecy, a 60th part of prophecy and a 75th part of prophecy; based upon the different traditions narrated. These differences according to many of the People of Allah is determined by the different spiritual states and stations of the believer. It has also been narrated in sound prophetic traditions that the true dreams of believers will increase as we approach the events which signal the appearance of the Hour.
    Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye said in his Ihya’s-Sunna ‘l-Muhamm,adiyya wa Ikhmad’l-Bida`t’s-Shaytaaniyya the following: “As for what the people have invented from Satanic innovation in the issue of dreams are the following: Among these innovations is a person undertaking to do an action or leaving an action based merely upon what is seen during sleep (bi mujarradi ‘l-manaam), without referring that to the Book of Allah ta`ala, the sunna of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace and the fundamental principles (qawaa`id) of the early community (as-Salaf), may Allah be pleased with them. This is a forbidden innovation by consensus. It says in the al-Madkhal, “Beware of what has occurred among the people in these times where some see the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace during his sleep, commanding something or forbidding something. This person then rises from his sleep and undertakes doing that thing or leaving that thing based merely upon what he saw during his sleep, without referring it to the Book of Allah ta`ala, the sunna of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace and the fundamental principles of the Salaf, may Allah be pleased with them. Allah ta`ala says in His Mighty Book, ‘If you dispute about anything then refer it back to Allah and the Messenger.'[ Qur’an, 4:59.] The meaning here of, ‘. …refer it back to Allah …, means back to the Book of Allah. The meaning of, ‘… and the Messenger …, that is to the Messenger during his life and to his sunna after his death based upon what the scholars, may Allah be merciful to them have said. The vision of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace is true and there is doubt in it based upon his words, upon him be peace, ‘Whoever has seen me then he has seen me. Satan cannot take my form.’ This is based upon the difference in the narrations of this tradition. However, Allah ta`ala has not made His slaves responsible for anything which occurs in their sleep.” Among these innovations is not regarding dreams at all (`adama ‘r-ru’ya ‘aslan). This is a forbidden innovation by consensus because dreams are not to be completely ignored. This is due to the fact that dreams and visions are a part of prophecy as it is related in the Saheeh of al-Bukhari.”
    Having cited this, I want to relate a dream I had yesterday prior to the dawn prayer, in which I was in Sudan in a place called Kasalla near the border of Ethiopia. I was visiting the grave of Shaykh Uthman al-Murghani. I was supplicating at his grave for the protection and well being of the whole of the African continent and its people, and I heard a voice from the grave say: “And do not forget to pray for the people of Djabouti because the Americans are going to try and overthrow the government there!” So in my dream I started making supplication for the people of Djabouti and while I was doing that I actually saw US marines, French, Djabouti and Ethiopian forces storming the president’s palace; but a string wind from the east starting blowing a huge dust storm (habuub) and twarted the coup. I pay that Allah will place repentance in the heart of the president of Djabouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh and cause him and his administration to direct themselves to Allah and His path.

  14. al-hamdulillah wa shukru lillah since President Muhammad al-Buhari’s election he has fulfilled many of his promises, by cracking down upon the nihilistic, masygonistic and khawaariji Boko Haram in the northeast of the country. In addition to this he has set about the quelling of economic corruption in the potentially booming oil sector; as well as reforming Nigeria’s military. Recently in declaring his personal finances, it has been revealed that he is the most austere African head of state on the whole continent in the most Africa’s most prosperous nation. I pray that he will be able to fulfill all of his promises he made which brought about his election; an election which was the first democractically held in Nigeria’s history. I pray that Allah ta`ala will help him to bring in the diverse ethnic and lingustic groups in the south east and southwest as partners in the development of Nigeria; and that Allah will eradicate corruption, nepostism, ethnic and religious hostilities around the nation; and FINALLY set Nigeria on the course of being the most developed nation of the African continent. Finally, after fulfilling his promises he made to the Nigerian people, I pray that Allah ta`ala will allow President Muhammad al-Buhari to retire in the same manner that Shehu Uthman dan Fodio and Shaykh Abdullahi dan Fodio retired from activce rule, having set the people of Nigeria on the right course of high African civilization. A strong, just, independent and prosperous Africa is what Prophet Muhammad bequeathed to us when he sent his beleagueared community to Abyssinia; and a strong, just, independent and prosperous Africa, she must be as we approach the Last Days and Times.

  15. Shannon says:

    I go to see everyday some websites and sites to read articles or reviews, however this weblog presents quality based articles.

  16. al-hamdulillah the new president of Nigeria, Muhammad al-Buhari just declared his financial assets and he is reported to be the most austere African leader in the most prosperous African nation. There is a saying among Chinese sages: “When the ruler is empty, the people are full.” This means that when the ruler of a nation lives an austere life; then the people under his charge are provided for. We ask Allah ta`ala to keep him on this pattern and let it be an example for all African rulers.

  17. sahamudeen says:

    pls I want to download “collected works of Nana asmau” pls help me find it.

  18. Khaleelah Saafir says:

    As Salaamu Alaykum, from your Digital Archive’s I couldn’t print Shaykh Abdullahi Ibn Fuduye’s Ruuh’s Salaat. Please send to my email address above or to my Husband’s email (jamaatabd.wali@gmail.com) and UNlocked version so that I can have it to study. Thank you, in advance, Khaleelah Saafir. May Allah be pleased with you. The Essence of Prayer.pdf is what I would like to have.

  19. Khaleelah Saafir says:

    As Salaamu Alaykum, from your Digital Archive’s I couldn’t print Shaykh Abdullahi Ibn Fuduye’s Ruuh’s Salaat. Please send to my email address above or to my Husband’s email (jamaatabd.wali@gmail.com) and UNlocked version so that I can have it to study. Thank you, in advance, Khaleelah Saafir. May Allah be pleased with you.

  20. Muhammad Rashid Aliyu ibn Cleveland says:

    إنا لله و إنا إليه رجعون

  21. Again, I want to thank Allah ta`ala for bringing to the helm in Nigeria President Muhammad al-Buhari. He along with his colleagues in five neighboring African countries have just decapitated the leadeship of Boko Haram and these muhaaribi are now crying for peace.
    It is essential for Africa, as we get closer to the Saa`a, that she be strong, united, just and prosperous in order to be a refuge of the Peope of Allah and not a refuge for terrorists, criminals and muhaaribi bands.
    All praises are due to Allah for President Muhammad al-Buhari! May Allah protect him and make his government fair, virtuous, strong, secure and prosperous. And when he has fulfilled his mandate for the Nigerian people and Africa; let him retire with the same dignity, honor and acheivements that Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye and Shaykh Abdullahi ibn Fuduye` earned when they retired from active rule. O Allah protect the people of Nigeria, make the prosperous and provide them with sustainable development. al-hamdullilahi rabb’l-Aalameen

  22. Imam Al Hajj Umar Khalif Hassan EL says:

    Can theses books or publications be purchase and if so how do go about getting??
    My email address is hajji2004@comcast.net

  23. Imam Al Hajj Umar Khalif Hassan EL says:

    Please keep me up to date on your recordings of these vaild articles of Islamic information from the African Scholars of the past and present inshallah.

  24. Taher Taher says:

    Asalamu alaykum. We are organizing a jamaat here in Cincinnati, Ohio. If anyone can aid this initiative rather financially or materially, please contact me at 513-501-5683 or at wagadugu786@gmail.com

  25. Abdulrahman says:

    Salaamu aliakum Shaykh, im studyinh calligraphy in Cairo now. Im trying to find out where I can learn the Magribi script. The centers here do not teach that particular style. If I travel to West Africa, can I learn there? Whats your advice?

  26. I lost my mother, Amina Irma Sue Shareef bint Frederick Harrell today. She died on the 14th of Ramadan (July 1, 2015) at 2:55 a.m. Houston Texas time at the age of 73. Please make supplication for her.

  27. wa alaykum as salaam wa rahma Imam Muhammad Abdullah
    First you do not have to use all capitals it means that you are shouting at someone.LOL! Secondly, I’m not sure how we can work out an interview because I’m back in Africa and you know how communication in the continent can be. But lets see what we can do, inshaa Allah!







  31. I would like to express my condolescences to the families of the nine African American victims of the racist attack at the African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston. It is high time that the African American national minority bring their case collectively to interntional bodies in order to bring to an end white chauvinism in the U.S.

  32. For the Record
    I’d like to thank Allah and congratulate President Muhammad Bukari on his election win and his objective to put a stop to lawlessness and terrorism in the central bilad’s-sudan. Boko Haram is an anomoly completely antithetical to EVERYTHING which represents African Islamic Civilization. I promised my highschool students that one day they will be able to drive safely from Cairo to Cape Town and from Dakar in Senegal to Tokar on the Red Sea coast; on well constructed and networked continental highways. I pray that President Buhari will continue to work closelly with African nations in order to solve their problems themselves. My only advice to our new president of the vibrant nation of Nigeria is that GOD has declared that Africa MUST be independent and strong so that she can be the haven and refuge for the HIS people, just as Africa was the refuge of Abraham, Joseph, Isaaq and his eleven sons; Mary and her majestic infant, Jesus. A strong, independent and just Africa was the place of refuge for Muhammad’s beleaguered communty in Mecca. President Buhari…make Nigeria strong…and help make the rest of Africa strong. We have the continental resources, population labor force, and all the other factors for sustainable development. What Africa lacks is what our leaders and representatives MUST procure for the benefit of all the people. Again congratulation and best prayers for all the people of Nigeria and for their new president…President Muhammad Buhari.

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