The Legal Consideration of the Jurist is More General Than the Spiritual Consideration of the Sufi

Shaykh Muhammad Al Amin

At-Tafriqa; First Chapter, Fifth Section

Then realize that the legal considerations of the jurist (nadhr’l-faqeeh) are more general and comprehensive than the spiritual considerations of the Sufi.

It is for this reason that it is valid for the jurist to object (inkaar) to some of the teachings of the Sufi, but it is not valid for the Sufi to object to the legal rulings of the jurist.

It is further, incumbent to resort from tasawwuf to jurisprudence, but it is not necessary to resort from jurisprudence to tasawwuf with regard to legal judgments, but not with regard to leaving a lawful action. Then realize that the science of tasawwuf for the transformation of character is required to be given and transmitted to everyone.

Shehu Uthman Ibn Fuduye’