The Intermediate Prayer upon the Prophet

logo greensmallIt is reported to have been said; “Whoever sends blessings by means of this prayer once, it is equivalent to sending blessings seventy thousand times.” May it become a close companion and a means of nearness in these times.

O Allah send blessings upon our master Muhammad, Your servant, prophet, and Messenger; the Unlettered Prophet, and upon his family, Companions, wives, descendants, and the people of his House, who are the seas of Your illuminations, the mines of Your secrets, the interpolation of Your proofs, the bridegrooms of Your kingdom, the treasures of Your mercy, the path of Your law; who take pleasure.

He (Muhammad) is the well spring of existence, and the causative factor in every existing
thing. He is the essence of the essences of Your creations, extracted from a Light of Your illumination, Send upon him a blessing which unravels our problems, which relieves our worries, and by which our needs are fulfilled. Send upon him a blessing which pleases You and pleases him and by which You become pleased with us, O Lord of the worlds; to the number of what Your knowledge encompasses;

to the extent of what Your Book comprises; to the extent of what Your Angels witness; and to the extent of what Your Pen transcribes; to the number of the rain drops, the extent of the rain, the number of trees, the number of stones, and the number of the Compelling Angels; to the number of what our Master has created from the beginning of time until the length of time; and upon his family and Companions and give them much peace, to the number of what is in Your knowledge compounded to the extent of Your Eternity.

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