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1 2 dimensional designIt is the famous al-Munaajat of Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye`, in which he calls upon Allah ta`ala by means of all of His Divine Names, Attributes and Actions; by all of His Angels, and spiritual beings; by all of His Prophets and Messengers; by all of the mountains and fixed stars among the awliyya; by every divine, celestial, and terrestrial reality; and by means of all these and the secrets and sanctity hidden within them, ‘knocks on heavens door’. It is a discourse with the Absolute Being from behind the Veil, which the Shehu granted to us as a means to Allah ta`ala.

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  1. As salaamu alaikum Yaa Shaykh,
    I pray that Allah engulfs you in His Mercy.
    My question: Do we, are there any Islamic Proofs for not taking the covid vaccination?
    I’m asking because it has become the topic of discussion, debate and arguments.

  2. Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye`, may Allah be pleased with him walked in the foot prints of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace inwardly and outwardly. His adherance to the living Sunna was so strong and his love for the Prophet was so intense that Allah ta`ala enabled him to resemble him in most of his actions, character and social behavior. Like the Prophet, his coming was foretold before his appearance. Like the Prophet, upon him be peace, he recieved his first spiritual openings at the age of thirty six. Like the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, the Shehu recieved his first major spiritual unveiling at the age of forty and some months. As the Prophet, upon him be peace was made the Imam of the Prophets and Messengers, the Shehu was made the Imam of the awliyya. Like the Prophet, upon him be peace who was forced to make hijra at the age of fifty two, the Shehu also made hijra at that age. Like the Prophet upon him be peace who was victorious in his first five battles, the Shehu was also victorious in his first five. Like the Prophet, upon him be peace who eventually conquered the Arabian peninsular and brought it under the worship of the Abdolute Being, the Shehu conquered the entire central bilad ;s-Sudan and brought them under the worship of the Absolute Being. Like the Prophet, upon him be peace who was taken into the presence of the Most High at the age of sxity-three, the Shehu also died at the age of sixty-three after creating a dome of Islam under the Uthmani Sokoto Caliphate; may Allah ta`ala be pleased with him and benefit us by his baraka. Whoever recites the Munaajaat persistently every monrning and every evening will gathered with the Shehu on the Day of Judgment under the banner of praise of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace; and in this life he will be able to walk in the footsteps of the Shehu and experience what he experienced; by the permission of Allah.

  3. In these times when Muslim national minorities are under threat by malicious individuals, institutions and states that do not love the honor of Islam, it is important for them not to lose their cool and resort to what their enemies hope they will do -violence, vengence and terrorism. As al-Hajj Malik El Shabazz always said: “We have to remain calm, cool and collected.” Do your research find out the name of the individuals who seek to harm you and your religion. Whoever recites the Munaajaat three times after dhuhr prayer for three consecutive days, by the permission of Allah his enemies and thos who repress him will be destroyed.

    • For our Muslim brothers and sisters in Chad, Cameroon, northeastern Nigeria, and Niger if you desire to protect your villages and towns from your enemies like Boko Haram and other muharibuun; and to our brothers and sisters in Kidal, and other regions of northern Mali who seek to protect themselves from the muharibuun connected to al-qaeda and other illegal combatants; and to any community who is under attack from non Muslims and you desire to protect your community, hamlet, village, town or country from the attacks of non Muslim enemies and illegally armed Muslim combants – then let an individual among you seclude themselves on a Sunday and recite the Munaajsat eleven times everyday for eight days until the following Sunday; and by the permission of Allah that area will be protectd and guarded by Allah ta`ala from all enemy armies and illegal combatants.

  4. The majority of the advantages of the Munaajaat occur after the subh prayer. Whoever has an issue or affair of this world which is lawful, he should recite Surat’l-Faatiha three times then recite the Munaajaat once after the subh prayer and Allah ta`ala will fulfill his need by His permission. Whoever regularly recites the Munnajaat every morning Allah ta`ala will make his affairs easy by means of all the causative factors of good by whatever means he likes and He will protect him from every evil and affliction. Whoever recites it after the subh prayer once before talking to anyone and then supplicates Allah, he will take care of and fulfill his needs. I have tested this and found it precise.

  5. There are many blessings and advantages associated with the recitation of the Munaajaat. Realize that every wali of Allah has a particular adhkaar, litany or supplication which is actually the form of that particular wali when he was in the world of spirits when Allah ta`ala asked: “Am I not your Lord?” The answer the waly gave emerged from that particular supplication, adhkaar or litany. It is the secret between that particular wali and the Absolute Being. That secret is a tijaaly (manifestation) of either a Divine Name and Attribute, two Divine Names and Attributes or a collection of Divine Names and Attributes which is the Rabb (Lord) which brought that wali from pure non-existence into the world of witnessing. If the wali is one of the aqtaab or the qutb’l-aqtaab, then his secret is a gathering of all the Divine Names and Attributes and is one of the Immense Hidden Names of Allah with which if you call upon Allah by means of it your supplications are answered. The Munaajaat of Shehu Uthman ibn Fuduye` is the secret between him and Allah ta`ala and is a tijaali of all the Divine Names and Attributes to the power of three.

    • The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace said in sound prophetic tradition: “Whoever has seen me in a dream vision, will see me in the waking state.” This means that he will see him, upon him be peace, after death when he awakens from the sleep of this world’s life; or it means he will see him on the Day of Judgment interceding on his behalf; or it means he will see him in Paradise. Whoever prays the isha prayer and then when it is time for sleep, he makes two rak`ats reciting al-Fatiha and surat an-Nasr in the first rak`at and al-Fatiha and surat’l-Ikhlaas in the second; and then without talking with anyone recites the Munaajaat and then goes to sleep, by the permission of Allah ta`ala he will see our master Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace in his sleep.

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